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Last pregnancy I wanted to save the placenta, but I had an

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Hello. Last pregnancy I wanted to save the placenta, but I had an epidural and the baby had ever so slight a fever at birth. They said because she had a fever, she needed to have her placenta tested. What on earth did they test for? I am planning to use an epidural again, so should I expect the same thing? (I was told slight fever is extremely common after an epidural). Also, someone recently told me that if a baby is born premature, they test its first feces? I do not remember if they did this with my last baby, but she was born at 36 weeks (so just slightly premature). I am about to be 36 weeks and the doctor told me that it is very possible I will have the baby before 37 weeks.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Oh, I was just looking into this a little more. I guess I must have been the one with the fever. Thinking back, I think they did say right when I came in I had a slight fever and could be a little sick. So I guess they tested the placenta because of my fever. But anyway, basically if I am planning to get an epidural, I should not plan on being able to take home my placenta? :(
Hello, I'm Dr Manos, M.D., board certified ObGyn. I can respond to your question.
In recent years, woman have requested retaining their placenta after birth. Many do this to eventually eat the placenta, called placentaphagy. There are perceived nutrient and hormonal values in the placenta. It is similar to lung tissue when examined microscopically. You would have to coordinate handling of the placenta and possibly not retain the placenta if there was evidence of infection in the organ or lots of meconium from the baby. I hope this gives you an idea on how to go forward with this request.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have heard about this! We actually wanted to make a "placenta print" -- the midwife had a bunch of options, including making pills, but it was really expensive to make them!
So they must test the placenta for infection if I have a fever during delivery? Okay! I was wondering what exactly they were looking for in the placenta.
We send the placenta when there is a fever, frequently involving the placenta and the lab can culture the area between two membranes of the placenta which wouldn't be contaminated from the birth process. It would make for an interesting print if they let you retain it. I hope I helped answer your question and thanks for accessing Justanswer.
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