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Dr Ted Manos
Dr Ted Manos, Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
Satisfied Customers: 687
Experience:  40 years experience; Board certified Ob-Gyn
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I am a 32-yr-old female that has been enduring on and off

Customer Question

Hi. I am a 32-yr-old female that has been enduring on and off lower abdominal, and back pain for 1.5 yrs. (since I had a c-section). It has recently gotten more consistent and extremely more painful. Along with the pain, my vagina ph has been off. I have discharge when I start/end my period, & ovulate as well. I also have dryness and itchiness at times. My Pap smears come back normal. I had a pelvic ultrasound that came back normal too. I then went the colon route & had that checked. My colonoscopy came back clear. After that, I had a cat scan of my abdomen & pelvis, both areas coming back normal as well. I am in so much pain, and it's getting hard to do my daily routines. I really need to know, what other options do I have to explore?!
Please help,
Frustrated Mom
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
Hello, I'm Dr Manos, M.D., board certified ObGyn. I'd like to ask some questions. How long can you go without the pain? What can you do to ease the pain like sitting, lying down or reclining. What do you use for contraception?
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
It's after midnight where I am and I'll be back around 6 am edt.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I usually do not feel any symptoms until evening time. So, I would say at most, 12-12 hrs. The pain intensifies at night. Nothing eases the pain but percoset which my family dr perscribed. At best, ***** ***** dulls it. I've tried ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, lying down, walking around etc. My husband and I use condoms. I just had a pg test before my CT scan which was neg., and I have been tested for STD's and am negative. My family dr thought it was a kidney stone at first too.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
It hurts to lie on left side and hurts to sit when the pain is there.
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
You would know if it was a kidney stone. The pain comes in waves until the stone passes through.
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
I think it may be something with the lower spine with referred pain. Hopefully, it's not one of the bladder spasms inflammations that never seem to be figured out. Lying on l side may be back in origin or standing too long can hurt in the left groin area. Like I said I need to sleep now but I'll check back early morning.
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
I'm back. How did your night go? Do you work outside of the home?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I had severe pain on left side between my hip and ribs, along with flank pain. This can keep me up at night. I don't think it's my back. As far as a bladder spasm, I don't have any pain in that area. Although I have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. It has been a few years since I've had pain, burning, or urgency in that area. I also have POTS Syndrome & have had my thyroid removed. I woke up with a dull pain on my left side as well.
I work from home doing intricate, title work and the pain will get so bad it stops my ability to work.
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
With pain on left side between ribs and hips and flank then the kidney needs to be checked. I can't think of anything else and previous csection might have caused some scarring near the left ureter.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thank you. I see my dr. soon for my CT scan follow-up & will address those ideas. I appreciate your time in your thorough answers.
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 10 months ago.
You're welcome and thanks for using Justanswer.