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I just started taking birth control a few months ago. The

Customer Question

I just started taking birth control a few months ago. The first month, my period came and went when I started taking the placebo pills. The next month, I decided to try skipping my period by skipping the placebos and starting a new pack. It worked perfectly. A couple weeks after that, however, I forgot to take my pill until five to six hours after my normal time. The next day, my period came and I have now been on my period for eight days. It isn't just spotting—it's a significant, but not heavy, amount of bleeding. I'm concerned as the pack is almost gone. When will my period end? Do I take the placebo pills once the birth control is finished? Or do I skip them and start a new pack? Any advice would be immensely appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  dansheibley replied 1 year ago.

This period will be a bit heavier than normal but will end a day or so later than your normal period. You should continue with this pack, finishing the placebo pills and then continue taking a normal pack. It isn't completely advisable to skip your period. The natural buildup and breakdown of the endometrial lining is a healthy process.

Expert:  dansheibley replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I’m still confused. You said my period will end a day or so later than my normal period. It’s already five days later than my normal period (on the pill) and shows no signs of ending. Also, if I take the placebo pills once the birth control is finished, will I continue to have my period during that time? That would mean a 15-day period!
Expert:  dansheibley replied 1 year ago.

Your period will end before the end of those placebo pills. You should wait until your period ends and then start a new pack of birth control. You don't have to take the placebo pills, you can just not take anything until your period ends. And then at that time start your new pack.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I’m sorry, this still raises many questions or me and also doesn’t address the fact that like any woman, I don’t want to prolong this period, which is already insanely long!
-I have two more regular birth control pills and four placebo pills left in this pack. So I should continue to take the two regular pills and four placebos and just hope that my period will end before the placebo ends?
-How can my period continue to come every day when I’ve been taking regular pills daily for the past week?
-I also really don’t want to drag my period out any longer. It’s already been far longer than any period I’ve had in my entire life. Is there ANY way to taper it off ASAP? For example, skipping the two regular pills I have left in the pack, taking a placebo pill, then switching back to a regular pill?
-Was the arrival of my period triggered because I forgot to take my pill much later than the normal time? Or was it another reason? Because I successfully skipped my period when I skipped the placebo, so I can only believe that it was triggered because I took one of them off schedule.
Expert:  dansheibley replied 1 year ago.

do not keep taking the regular pills. If you go to placebo or no pill this period will have a chance to end.

The trigger was taking your pill late.

So stop this pack, let your period resolve and then start a fresh new pack.