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Should I see my doctor for swelling of the vagina, I don't

Customer Question

should I see my doctor for swelling of the vagina, I don't have a discharge. It is uncomfortable to sit. Can I use an over the counter cream.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  DIEGO BONILLA replied 1 year ago.


This is Dr. Bonilla, experienced in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care.

I understand your concerns. How old are you? Are you sexually active? One partner? Any other medical conditions? How long have you had this problem?

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


I would not self treat

Go to your doctor or urgent care and get the bug identified.

If it is yeast, you can use over the counter cream.

If bacterial vaginosis, you need a prescription.

And exam of the swelling is also a better way to go.

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


The above post will not let me edit the I will do that here.

I am a double board certified US doctor, Dr. Thomas.

If you have an STD this can also be diagnosed when they check you for yeast or BV.

It does not sound typical for an STD at all.

Best to get an exam though, since given your information, there are a number of possibilities.

OK, so you might have more questions or want to give me more information: Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. Also, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent—that’s how we are paid, per rating]. If you forgot something, just use reply and come back. I am here

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


Did you have a further question"?

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