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Dr Chaithanya
Dr Chaithanya, General Physician, Medical Researcher, All medical and health questions answered.
Category: OB GYN
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I Have A Prolapsed Vaginal Wall. Have A Cestecel (Can Reach

Customer Question

I Have A Prolapsed Vaginal Wall. Have A Cestecel (Can Reach Up Into My Vaginal Wall With My Thumb And Push Some Of My Poop Out? The Lady That Fits My Pessory Told Me If Feel Stopped Up Can Do This.
I Have Been To A Uroligist, To A Colon - Rectal Specialist. The Colon Rectal Doctor Says I Have A Vaginal Wall Collapse. I Can See A Small Bulb Prutruding From My Virgina. Has Been The Same Position For 2 1/2 Years. I Was Lifting Heavy Rocks 2 Days Later Felt A Pressure. So, I Went To Severald OBGYN'S Who Referred Me To 2 Different Urologist. I Cannnot See Doing The That Mesh? So, Many Women In Bad Pain With The
Mesh Operations.
Now Past Few Days I Cannot Feel The Area Where I Used To Feel The Colon With The Poop. It Seems To Have Gone Back Into Place. BUT, Still When I Eat Feel The Horrible Pressure. Both, In The Vaginal Area, And Now The Rectal Area-I Get Constipated After Eat Pressure Tremendous. The Colon-Rectal Doctor Did The Test Where They Watch Through Some Kind Of X-Ray Machine Me Poop. They Put Barium Up Me. Then Put Me On A Table Turn Me Vertical On The Table Which Has A Commode With Camara X-Ray.
Watch How My Colon Reacts When I Poop. They Said Have A Recetecle And, Prolapsed Vaginal Wall?
But, No Remendy. She Was Pregnant, Told Me Come Back In September. Not Very Good Doctor. I Feel Awful. Can Barley Get Up From Commode, Are Out Of Bath
Tub. Very Heavy Feeling In My Rectal And Vaginal Area. I Am Deterating In My Legs
Around Both Sides Near Inside Of Legs Where Vaginal Rectal Area Is.
I Have Horrible Lower Back Pain, Actually All Over Joint Pain. My Regular Doctor Says I Have Osperprosis. And, Degerterating Spinal Area.
2 1/2 Years Ago, I Was Playing Tennis, Working Full-Time In Real Estate. I Have Turned Into A Slow Walking, I Catch Every Kind Of Small Illness In The World. My Immune System Seems To Be Shot, Since The Vaginal And Rectal Problems. I Am White As A Ghost. I Still Struggle To Carry On With My Real Estate, Take Care Of My House, Some Of My Yard, And Go To Grocery Store. Help My Customers. But, It Is Getting Harder & Harder To Carry On. SO TIRED!
What All Can I Do, To Maintain My Overall Health. While Fighting This Vaginal And Colon - Rectal Problem. I Drink A Lot Of Prune Juice. Walk Up Down Stairs A Lot With My House Chores. I Have 5 Colleges I Move Student To Apartments In San Antonio. My Husband Runs His International Company Out Of Our House, So He Can Help Me As Much As Possible, He Helps Me With My Apartment Locating As, Does My Son. Whenever Possible. They Are Very Busy With Their Company.
But, Seems Like I Have To Rest More And, More. Right Now I Am About A Month Behind With My Invoices, And, Have To Keep Up All My Paperwork. Keep Getting Customers Who Need Help. I Have Some Kind Of Doctors Appointments Every Week
EXAMPLE-Skin Doctor, Special Pessory Fitting For Rectal Colon-Vaginal Pessory She Thinks Might Work. Right Now I Wear A Pessory And A V-Brace By Fembrace To Hold Everything In With Not As Much Pressure In Those Lower Extrementies. Rumatologist Appointment For How Help Me With Joints Hurt All Over Especially Back. And, A Back Doctor Appointment. Every Week A Doctors Appointment Searching For Someone Who Can Help Me With Everything. I Have Good Insurance. But, I Am Exhausted Going To Doctors Who Are NO HELP! My Poor Insurance Company And, Medicare Have Spent A Fortune Paying For All The Office Visits. WITH NO RESULTS!
Just Do Tests-With No Results. Seems Like They Just Forget You After Do Tests!
I Need Help With Advise With How To Help Me Get Healthy, What To Do! To Take?
Advise On Techniques To Fix Me, Nutritional Advise How To Control Constant Pressure After Eating In Both Lower Areas. Especially, Rectum. Constipation Meds Don.t Work. How Much Water Do I Need To Be Drinking? What Vitiamins Should I Be Taking?
CAN I WALK AROUND THE BLOCK? WILL PESSORY RUB AGAINST MY VAGINAL AREA AND CAUSE CANCER? The Pessory Fits! For Hygene Purposes I TAKE OUT EVERY NIGHT CLEAN THROUGHY, And Put In Next Day With A Special Crème Package Pessory Lady Advised Me To Use. Individual Packets Of Clear Thick Liquid Put On Pessory.
I Bathe Or Take A Shower Every Day With Clean Underwear, Before Put v-Brace -(FEMBRACE ON) See -It Is A V-Brace. HAS HELPED ME IN ADDITION TO THE PESSORY. I Found It On-Line. NO DOCTOR EVERY MENTIONED THE V-BRACE TO ME. IT HAS HELPED ME IMMENSELY. Wonder Why All The Doctors Ever Mentioned The V-BRACE TO ME. NOT ONE OF THEM!
If You Have Any Suggestions, My Number Is *****(***) ***-****
e-mail Is***@******.***. BE SURE AND IDENTFY YOURSELF AS
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.


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