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LaKrystal Warren
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I spoke with you last week regarding ultrasound and HCG

Customer Question

I spoke with you last week regarding ultrasound and HCG levels. Beta is now 370. Repeat ultrasound did not show gestational sac this time just a 0.9 cm endometrium and a 2cm and a 1.7 cm cyst on left ovary. Am I still pregnant. Is this normal
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here is a copy of ultrasound report
Expert:  LaKrystal Warren replied 1 year ago.

Hello! That is great news that your hcg levels are increasing! It sounds like you are very, very early in the pregnancy (like you got pregnant within the last 10 days) and the findings on ultrasound are what I would expect at this stage of the game. It is 100% normal not to see any evidence of a pregnancy inside the uterus until your hcg level reaches 1500 (Sometimes it needs to be above 2500), so you have a ways to go. The cysts on your ovary are good cysts that are supporting the pregnancy and are nothing to worry about. You should be 5 weeks 5 days based on your last period, however, you are closer two 2 weeks based on your hcg levels and the ultrasound findings. We typically see a gestational sac around 4-5 weeks, a yolk sac around 5 weeks, and a baby with a heartbeat at about 6-7 weeks, so again, your ultrasound findings are normal. The good news is that your pregnancy hormone level is increasing. I know you want answers now, but everything that you are describing is absolutely normal and once you are further along, you will be able to see the baby and measure it to figure out how far along you actually are. So now, you should be taking prenatal vitamins and being happy that you are pregnant. You should have an ultrasound about one month or so from now because repeating it before that will likely not show anything and create more anxiety for you. If you and your doctor decide to, you can repeat the hcg level in one week to make sure it is still rising. Good luck and congratulations!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Even though a sac was seen last week and not this week? That is what I'm confused about
Expert:  LaKrystal Warren replied 1 year ago.

Last week it was a questionable sac based on the report and our discussion. As we discussed, it could have been an artifact or fluid because it was way too early to see a gestational sac with the very low level of hcg in your blood at that time. The chances that you had a gestational sac last week are low and this is more evidence that what was seen in the endometrium last week was fluid or artifact (something created by the ultrasound machine). It takes time for the gestational sac to develop and based on the hcg levels last week it just was not likely that a gestational sac was seen. Your hcg levels are rising and are consistent with very early pregnancy. Based on the developmental process, you will not see pregnancy structures in the uterus until your hcg level is above 1500, which is usually around 4-5 weeks. I know its hard to wait, but so far, everything sounds normal.