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Dr Ted Manos
Dr Ted Manos, Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  40 years experience; Board certified Ob-Gyn
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For quite some time now, I've had lintlike particles all

Customer Question

For quite some time now, I've had lintlike particles all around my vagina. Lots of little dry particles around my outside lips, my labia, my clitoris, etc. It sometimes itches, but not all the time. The skin is red and swells sometimes, though. I clean very carefully in the shower, but it doesn't take long for the lint to come back. At first, I thought it was a yeast infection, but I have used three yeast infection treatments over the past month or so, and they haven't helped at all.
There doesn't seem to be an odor associated with the lint.
I am 46 years old. The only issues I've ever had have been small ovarian cysts and the occasional yeast infection that's gone away with an OTC treatment. Not sure if this could be associated with menopause? Please advise what I may be able to do about this. It's very uncomfortable.
Thank you very much!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Ted Manos replied 1 year ago.
Hello, I'm Dr Manos, M.D., board certified ObGyn. I haven't heard this symptom in my over forty years doing ObGyn. There are two possibilities and somewhat related. It could be a detergent you're using on your underthings or the skin in your genital area is dry and can be flaking. Something like Dial soap is harsh and dries the skin more than something like Dove. You could also apply moisturizer after bathing to the labial area mostly on the labia majora. It certainly isn't a harmful problem but itching probably doesn't help. 1% cortisone cream at bedtime to the labia can reduce itching.