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I am having some unusual spotting, and need some help till I

Customer Question

Hello, I am having some unusual spotting , and need some help till I see my gyn. On day 14 of my cylcle after sex I had some stringy brown blood. Day 15 faint brown blood at the end of the night. Day 16 brown stringy blood again after intercourse. Day
17 red spotting at the end of the night, but not heavy. Day 18 red spotting in the morning, but only heavy brown spotting throughout the day, along with a severe headache. Day 19, which is today. no more red spotting in the morning back to brown spotting.
From first sght of brown spotting it has been 5 days. From stringy brown after sex to heavy. I have had barely any cramps with this. If I had its been very light. nothing to take IB for. A little history. Last cycle I had a chemical pregnany. In July I had
3 polyps removed. Is this a period? If so, the red spotting started 10 days early than anticipated normal period. Could I have ovulated early? and this be implantation spotting?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 2 years ago.

This is most likely an abnormal cycle due to your early pregnancy loss recently. Since the uterine lining is not stable and your hormanes may be not quite back to normal, it's to be expected. Implantation bleeding is rare and occurs a few days before you expect a period. If at all. It sound as if your body is just getting back to normal

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Dr. K
Is it okay for my Husband, and I to try again next cycle? Or should we wait. I didn't even know that it was best that we should of waited this cycle after the chemical pregnancy until I read that last night.
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 2 years ago.

Yes it's ok to try. It's best to wait after miscarriage before trying. One month is sufficient. Risk of repeat miscarriage is about 5% higher if you do not wait.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Do you think next cycle my hormones will go back to normal? Is there anything I can do to help that along? Should my Husband and I refrain from sex for a specific amount of time?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I can tell my hormones are off too because my face has broken out pretty bad.
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 2 years ago.

Yes your next cycle should be fine. No worries.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Dr. K
I wanted to touch base with you since I won't see my OB/GYN till Nov 3rd. Its been over a week now of off and on med heavy to light brown blood.(Not really cramps accompanied with it) As, you know I had the chemical pregnancy last cycle. Is this an indication for something abnormal that would require a D&C? or is all this brown blood normal after the early pregnancy loss? I am not sure if this is my period, but my period date is expected on Monday.
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 1 year ago.

If your pregnancy test is negative then you know that the pregnancy is resolved. There's no reason at all for a d and c. This is your period. Just a few days early.