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Dear Doctor, I am a 61-year old Registered Nurse in general

Customer Question

Dear Doctor, I am a 61-year old Registered Nurse in general good health with no chronic illnesses. In 2000 I was, sadly, infected with HSV2. I have been on Valtrex 500mg qd almost steadily since then. I have not been sexually active for over 4 years. About 10 days ago, I discovered that Valtrex might be responsible for my tinnitus, so I stopped taking it. When the tinnitus did not disappear, I went back on my Valtrex. About two days later, I got a nasty case of perianal itching that moved to my labia majora on the right. This has happened before, but I never considered that it could be an outbreak. Now, I believe I have seen a few rashy lesions on the labia, and I have developed a watery slightly yellow vaginal discharge. I think this might be an outbreak, but, as you know, the symptoms of HSV2 are frustratingly vague sometimes. I have called several GYNs in my area, but none are able to see me in a timely manner. I know how busy they can be. I would probably ride this out, but I noticed something that has me a little scared. When I was examining myself for lesions, I noticed that some of the tissues at the opening of my vagina are very pale, almost white including the flesh surrounding my urethra. This doesn't seem normal to me. So, in the absence of an exam, do you feel that the pale color of these tissues is normal, and does my above description sound like a herpes outbreak to you. (I will, of course, go to my GYN next Thursday, but that's a long time to be frightened.) Thank you for your time! Eve, RN
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

herpes tends to cause painful ulcers and sores like cold sores in the genital area.

if you are trying to examine yourself and pressing down on labial tissue to try to separate out your vulva area, this can blanch the skin and cause white skin.

or you could have a vaginal function infection which can cause white itchy vaginal discharge.

your symptoms don't sound like a typical herpes viral outbreak.

and even if it was a herpes outbreak, the treatment would be valtrex therapy which you already have.

let me know if you have other questions.