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I am trying to conceive. I had a baby in January 2014,

Customer Question

I am trying to conceive. I had a baby in January 2014, breastfed until January 2015, and had my first post-baby period in late January 2015. I had relatively continuous bleeding x20 days, so went on birth control pills in February to regulate my cycle. I had a couple regular periods on birth control and then went off on May 28. I had breakthrough bleeding the last week of May, but had a normal-seeming period June 1-6.
I started using digital OPKs on June 10 and had 7 days of "flashing smiley faces" that indicated "highly fertile" between June 14 and June 21, but never had the "solid smiley face" that indicates peak fertility / LH surge. During that time the OPK test lines looked almost as dark as the control line but not darker. My discharge was egg white consistency on the 15-17th, then mostly dried up. My pregnancy tests to date (July 7) have all been negative.
My discharge became egg white consistency again between June 30 - July 3. I started using OPKs again on June 30 and for the past 6-7 days. Again, the test line is nearly as dark as the control x6-7 days without ever becoming darker. I still haven't had my period and pregnancy tests are negative. The current wait for a check up appointment with my doctor is 2-3 months except for more urgent visits. How long should I keep waiting before scheduling a more urgent appointment with my doctor?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 2 years ago.

Hello there. While I am sure you are concerned, this is not an emergency. Your Dr is not going to do a workup just because your period is late a week or because you are not pregnant the first month you try. Continue to monitor your cycles for 6 months. Its very likely you will conceive in that time frame If not, see your dr and take a record of your cycles with you

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