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Do I have Endometriosis or is it my UT, Bladder, or Kidneys?

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Do I have Endometriosis or is it my UT, Bladder, or Kidneys? I'm having chronic right side abdominal pain spasms everytime after urinating and having bowel movements. I sometimes have black specs that look like pepper come out in my urine. That has been happening for over 2 mos. I have worse spasms a week before my cycle, and excruciating pain when I have my cycle, that makes it hard to get up and do my daily activities and function.
Welcome and thank you for your question.
The description of our symptoms . especially the fact that you have spasms before the period and severe pains during it, are very suggestive of endometriosis. If you have an endometriotic nodule in the bladder, then the black specks in the urine can be small blood spots.
Presence of an an endometriotic cysts in the right ovary can give you the right abdominal pain during passing urine or stool.
Other causes which can cause similar symptoms are PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), ovarian cysts, ovarian tumors etc.
Please consult an Obgyn for a checkup.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank You Dr. M, and I have a few more things to let you know.

I've been going to the VA for 2 yrs, 8 mos for this chronic right side abdominal pain. I'm frustrated that worried that they don't know yet,

what is causing my pain. I've had a CAT Scan, Ultrasound, Intravaginal Ultrasound, a Cystoscopy, a Upper & Lower GI last year, and no polyps or H. Pilori. I've had numerous blood and urine tests. All of my tests that I've had have come up negative or normal. I think that this has def been a big medical mystery for everyone and I. I'm requesting that Dr. Mookapadae from the Temple, TX VA Clinic Annex for a consult for a Laproscopy. This is the only test I have not done yet. I'm hoping that it will solve this medical mystery. Do you think that this a good test & procedure for me to get done?

Thank you for your reply.
A laparoscopy is , very often, the only method which can diagnose endometriosis. The other procedures, Ct scan, ultrasound etc will not show up small endometriotic nodules in the pelvis which could be causing the pain. So, yes, this is a good procedure and you are right in asking for this test.
You can also ask for an MRI of the lower spine - sometimes arthritis of the spinal or hip joints ca radiate to the abdomen and can present as a lower abdominal pain with similar symptoms such as yours.