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I think I'm pregnant but the HPT was negative...

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I think I'm pregnant but the HPT was negative...
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
- When did you get your last period? And when did you get the HT?
- Do you get regular periods with normal blood flow?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My cycle was due on July 9th, on July 5th we did not use birth control. On July 12th (1 week after intercourse) I felt like my period was coming but there was only the lightest streak of blood on the tissue. That happened again on the 15th but only the lightest streak of brown. My cycle did start the 19th but was very light. However in August 15th I had a regular period. However, I gave had bouts of nausea, my breasts have been hurting a lot, one actually grew bigger than the other! My nipples are dark and arreolas have gotten bigger, plus lots of big blue veins, I also had 3 weeks of crazy high libido. I've had a lotof stretching in my lower abdomen and now it's feeling congested and hard a little bit, especialy when I lay on my stomach. I have a lot of cervical mucus. Is it even possible to get pregnant at 48 AND have negative HPT and a regular cycle? test dates July 31st, Aug 1st, Aug 10th and AUg. 17th.

If you had a regular period on the 15th of August, then you cannot be pregnant. During a period with normal blood flow, the endometrium (inner uterine lining) gets shed. This will also cause any embryo , if pregnancy did occur, to get shed too.
Your age and negative HPT further rules out a pregnancy.
Your symptoms are more likely to be due to hormonal imbalance , normal at this age.
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