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I was just looking at this information also asked by another

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Hello I was just looking at this information also asked by another sufferer in Perth where I also live. I have been suffering from recurrent vaginal thrush for going on 3 years. Without fail I was getting it 10 days before my period. For the first time in my life I have gone onto the Pill and now have had a low level of thrush for about 3 months. I started suppositories yesterday and also have Diflucan on standby. I was going to make an appt to see a Gyne ASAP as it is driving me crazy! I have been checked for diabetes, had swabs taken. Have not had any antibiotics for over 7 yrs. I am not overweight being 165cm 58kg but I know I have too much sugar in my diet so will have to be more mindful of this and sort it out. I also have taken Pau D'Arco etc and currently take organic coconut oil capsules which I have read to possibly be of assistance. Should I get checked before doing the Diflucan regime as per the ReCiDif study that you talk about? Thanks Jane
Welcome and thank you for the question.
Please start the Diflucan - it is not necessary to go for a checkup before starting it. It is an oral fluconazole and will help clear up the yeast infection. If you should relapse again, then you should go for the decreasing dose maintanence course - which is what the Recidif study is about. During this course, you will be started of a initial high dose of Fluconazole and then on gradually decreasing dose for another 6 months.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! Just a concern about the Liver issue with taking Diflucan. It is my understanding that taking it like this does have minimal risks re any liver issues is this correct. Should I also stop taking the Pill? I am reluctant to do this as It has cleared up my skin for the first time in my life. I have a period lasting 3 - 4 days with no pain instead of 7 days with pain and VERY heavy bleeding. I am also no longer anaemic so the benefits have been huge. I have only been taking it for 6 months. Thank you Jane

Taking Diflucan for a long time can cause liver toxicity but people who receive this course usually get a liver function test at regular intervals so that toxicity ( which is quite uncommon) is diagnosed at the earliest time . Once the Difllucan is stopped, the liver recovers spontaneously.
No, you do not need to stop taking the pill. The pill will not ber very effective in preventing pregnancy and you will need to use a supplementary form of contraceptive but since you ar eon the pill for decreasing blood flow during the periods and for your acne, this should be no problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry last question. Diflucan can be bought here in Aust over the counter but I really should go to my GP to get this and be monitored I assume.

Thanks again.

If you plan to take a single dose of Diflucan for the time, then you cna go ahead and take it without consulting your doctor but if you would like to go on the decreasing dose maintenance course, then yes, you will need to be under a doctor's guidance for regular blood tests.
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