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I am 59 and have suffered from incontinence for several

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I am 59 and have suffered from incontinence for several years. I used Poise pads and stopped using them because they have caused a severe irritation outside the genital area.I 've used A&D ointment but it hasn't help much. If I see my OBGYN what would he prescribe or what over the counter ointment can I purchase?
Welcome and thank you for your question.
- Do you have incontinence all the time or does it occur only when you laugh or sneeze or move suddenly?
- Is there any dribbling of urine when the bladder feels full?
- When did you attain menopause?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have incontinence all the time and was prescribed Oxybutynin but stopped taking it because I didn't like the side effect of dry mouth. It is excessive when I walk fast or when I squat.
I deal with this problem by urinating often in the toilet, so that even the toilet paper irritates my sensitive gentital area.
I attained menopause around the age of 45.
I can deal with the incontinence and I' m due to try a new device,IN TONE, soon.
Mary Ellen,
Thank you for the additional information.
Stress incontinence can be due to two causes - weakness of the bladder sphincter (this is a ring of muscle at the bladder neck which contracts to hold the urine inside the bladder) or failure of relaxation of teh bladder muscles - the bladder muscle needs to relax so that the bladder can expand and hold adequate urine.
Oxybutynin is a drug which control overactive bladder but will have no effect if the sphincter is weak.
Drugs like phenylpropanolamine and pseudoephedrine as well as Imipramine increase the strength of the sphincter.
InTone will help the bladder muscle to decrease spasm and relax.
If INTone does not work, you may need surgery for the muscle.
You can use Urea cream on the vulva,, or Neogyn Vulva Cream - both are available without a prescription and help soothe the vulva area.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just so I understand clearly. The creams you recommended will help stop the irritation outside of the genital area and close to the pubic hair area.

Yes, the creams will help stop irritation of the genital area and close to the pubic hair. Lanolin cream will also help.

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