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Dr. Owen
Dr. Owen, OB/GYN (Doctor)
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I have the hpv virus. I have had it since may 2012. in april

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I have the hpv virus. I have had it since may 2012. in april 2013 the gyno said i had cervical dyplasia, did a biopsy and said to follow up in September. since then i noticed a growth on my eyelid. The eye doctor said it was a pampilloma. Could this be related to the hpv virus? Thanks

Dr. Owen : Hello, I am Dr Owen, I am a Board Certified Ob/Gyn Medical Doctor and I want to help you.HELLO
Dr. Owen : Was this papilloma confirmed to be HPV on the eye with a biopsy?

no, a biopsy hasn't been done.


the doctor said to leave it unless it bothers me for cosmetic reasons.


i was just curious if the two things were related


since the name of the growth was a papilloma

Dr. Owen : Well the HPV that is within the cervix of your pelvic organs is related to HPV, on the eye it is Not usually related
Dr. Owen : and even if it was HPV on the eye it would be a different subtype of HPV - so NOT the same HPV's infect the cervix that would affect the eye - so different
Dr. Owen : I hope that helps

gotcha! all these medical terms confuses me. it makes sense now


so you are saying there is an hpv virus that affects the eye?


i just would have thought I would had symptoms way before now.

Dr. Owen : There are - there are certain types that affect the genitals, certains that affect the esophagus and throat, and certain types that affect the feet/ hands and so on, not the same though
Dr. Owen : As for symptoms - no, there is absolutely no way to tell

gotcha, so how do you know if my growth is hpv related?

Dr. Owen : only way to know is with a biopsy -
Dr. Owen : on the eye - Leave it alone it not bothering you

ok, sounds good. does this mean there could be more growths on my eyes to come?

Dr. Owen : who knows - no one can tell
Dr. Owen : it would be nice to know everything before it happened, but we can not

makes sense. i feel like not too many people are educated about hpv

Dr. Owen : The same could be said for everything
Dr. Owen : all you can do is tell people practice safe sex, they mostly tune out the rest

yep, thanks for the help. I will leave my eye alone unless it starts bothering me. Do you know if papillomas go away on their own?

Dr. Owen : They can go away on their own - so just leave alone - that is in your best interest
Dr. Owen : I wish you well
Dr. Owen : Please click on EXCELLENt
Dr. Owen : Thank you
Dr. Owen : Dr Owen - thank you for your question
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