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My daughter has had vaginalitching ever since i can remember

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My daughter has had vaginalitching ever since i can remember We have tried everything from diet to cortezone and tests to numeral to list She is now 38 has 2 children and is still suffering , and still getting NO answers . could she possibly be allergic toher own bodily fluid?
Welcome and thank you for your question.
A person cannot be allergic to her own bodily fluids.
Chronic vaginal itching can be due to many causes like infections, especially yeast infection and allergies. She needs blood tests to look for diabetes, thyroid, kidney or liver problems, etc. A Skin patch test as well as Patch Testing for contact dermatitis is also necessary.
Sometimes, a biopsy of the vulval skin may also be necessary.
I am sure that her doctor has tested her for these. If not, please ask for these tests.
A common cause for chronic vaginal itching when no cause can be found is hypersensitivity of the nerves of the skin. This hypersensitivity can be triggered off by an infection or allergy and can remain even after the initial infection or allergy has cleared up.
It is difficult to test for hypersensitivity. But your daughter can be prescribed a drug called gabapentin (Neurontin) which can help.
Anti-depressants like Amitriptylline are also very effective in chronic vaginal itching.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

most of theses things have been done but the biopsy. she has had 3 unusual paps in the last year but no action has been taken . could this be another symptom of chronic vaginal itching . any of her fluids sends her into a bout of didcomfort.

Thank you for the reply.
Unusual pas could indicate that she is infected with a virus called HPV. HPV can also cause itching in the vagina and vulva. if she has not already been tested, please ask her to ask her doctor to get her tested for HPV and genital warts.
If her body fluids cause her to have itching, then it is possible that her skin is irritable and there is chronic inflammation of the skin. She really needs a skin biopsy for a diagnosis.
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