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I have endometriosis plus I have had a teratoma removed from

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I have endometriosis plus I have had a teratoma removed from my ovary in 2007, since then I have had another cyst removed from my other ovary that haemorrhaged and now I have a possible teratoma in my right ovary. I am on the pill to treat my endo but over the last month I have had spotting which lasted 2 weeks then I had one week from no spotting and then another week of spotting. Now I have pelvic bloating and over the past few months pressure in the pelvic area which is rather uncomfortable. At the moment I am rather bloated and have a fair bit of pressure (kind of feels like constipation but it's not as I have used my bowels). I am a little concerned with what this could be?
Welcome and thank you for your question.
The bloating and pelvic pressure can be due to one of two things:
- The teratoma is enlarging and pressing on the bowels and rectum. Pressure on the rectum will cause the discomfort in the pressure area and pressure on the intestines will cause the sensation of bloating.
- The endometriosis has caused scar formation around the intestines and also in an area known as the Puch of Douglas - this area is between the uterus and the rectum and is a very common area for growth of endometriotic nodules.
Either way, you need an ultrasound and also a laparosocopy to check the pelvis.
The fact that you are spotting on and off may indicate that your medicines for endometriosis is not working very well and you need an alternative treatment.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Since January last year this has been the 3rd pill I have been on as I keep spotting. I have been on this pill since the beginning of the year and last month was the first month I have spotted.

Thanks for your reply. I will make an appointment with my gyno.

Thank you for your reply.
Since the pills are not working, you need a laparoscopy to recheck your endometriosis. If necessary, the endometriotic nodules will need to be cauterized and scars cut - this will help control the endometriosis.
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Thank you.
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