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I am 37 and have had bleeding for 23 days now. my doctor

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i am 37 and have had bleeding for 23 days now. my doctor says my horemone levels are normal and that im most likely NOT perimenopausal. i think i may be...year ago i stopped sleeping well, abruptly, i craved salty foods, i keep gaining and loosing weight for no apparent reason, im dizzy a lot, very sore joints and muscles they i said, all the blod tests say im VERY healthy. I did have an ultrasound friday, but haven't got the results yet. What may this be, or is there a good, better test for perimenopausal women?
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
- What hormone tests were done? FSH? Thyroid hormone?
- What were your periods like before this episode of bleeding of 23 days?
- How much do you bleed? Just spotting or heavy bleeding?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

t3, t4, fsh, all four sexual estrogen, progesterone..., total blood count, some sort of inflammation marker tests, and more. all normal. my periods have always been normal, heavy. i used depo for years, im very fertile. i bleed a bit heavy, change pads a bunch, clotty . i think i have fibroids also, but all my symptoms together and normal blood doesnt explain my terrible tiredness and sore body and moodiness. i also think that this bleeding issue is a symptom of a bigger problem. something maybe in early stages that wouldnt affect my blood levels yet. ... if you know of some tests i ought to ask for to keep figuring out my mystery...please let me know. i believe in naturopathy also


Did you get an ultrasound done? What was the endometrial thickness?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i haven't gotten the ultrasound results yet, not untill wednesday

Thank you for the additional information.
Bleeding for more than 7 days is not normal. In most cases, this type of bleeding is due to an endometrial hyperplasia - overgrowth of the endometrium. This can be due to either a high level of hormones like estrogen ( which you do not have) or due to an increases sensitivity of the endometrium to normal levels of hormone.
Increased sensitivity can be due to premenopause. Since you also have symptoms like mood swings and fatigue, it is very likely that you are beginning to go into menopaus , although your FSH levels are normal.
The ultrasound will tell you if you have endometrial hyperplasia.
Fibroids can also cause increased bleeding and the faigue cna be due to anemia caused by the loss of blood. But it will not cause mood swings.
If the ultrasound is normal, I think you can give a trial of taking phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogens) and see if it helps. Phytoestrognes are available in high levels in flaxseed and soyaseed.
If the ultrasound suggests you have endometrial hyperplasia, then treatment will need to be directed to that cause.
I hope this helps.
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