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My girlfriend has been on Seasonique /c for a while now. We

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My girlfriend has been on Seasonique b/c for a while now. We had sex on a Friday night without a condom and then she took her pill as usual on Sat morning. She threw up during the day and then again at night, she didn't specify to me when in the day she threw up Saturday morning. She took her pill on Sunday as usual and I am not sure about her throwing up this day. The pills that she might not have fully absorbed due to throwing up were in the first packet the last 2 pills (Sat and Sunday) of week 4. I also know she is a diabetic and has an upper respiratory infection. Do I need to worry about pregnancy as she has taken the pills with no issue up thru Saturday ? I am really worried now as we just split up this morning and she is saying if she was pregnant I would never have to know. I'm a worrier by nature and just need some advice.

Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
If your girlfriend has been on Seasonique for quite some time, and has been regular in taking the pills, then missing a day or two of a pill would not be very risky for pregnancy.
Again, if the pills were the last two in the pack, then your girlfriend would have been on the days just prior to her period. This is not the fertile period for pregnancy - pregnancy generally occurs during ovulation on the 14th-16th day of the cycle after the last menstrual period. In your girlfriend's case, Seasonique would suppress ovulation for 3 months and pregnancy would not occur on the days just before the period.
I do not think that your girlfriend will become pregnant.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Even if she is in the first packet of the pills ? (the pills are three month packets) 84 active days (blue green) followed by 7 inactive days (yellow).

Since she is in the first packet (blue green) and not the third in theory she is not getting ready to start her period and wouldn't until the last packet of pills when she took the 7 placebo pills 2 months from now.

Does this change anything about your prior answer ?

No, this does not change my reply.
A BC pill become effective against pregnancy after 7 days of continuous use.
If she has been taking the previous pills regularly and without missing any, then missing a single pill would not raise the risk of a pregnancy. This is especially so if she took the second pill and did not throw it up.
Again the time gap between taking the pill and throwing up is important. If it is more than 3 hours, then the pill would have passed to the intestine from the stomach and would not be thrown up. The night time vomiting would not affect the effectiveness of the pill at all.
I do not think she is at risk of getting pregnant.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would the fact that she started her last period around June 20th matter.( I think it lasted like 3 days) I have seen that from an ovulation calendar that in theory she would be ovulating in the first week of July.

Does missing birth control pills if missed change the natural cycle of ovulation of the female body. I.E. Would it make her ovulate when she is not supposed to ovulate or change her ovulation cycle up as a result if one her pills wasn't properly ingested.

This is my last extension. I will rate you as excellent after this I promise. I appreciate the quick responses.

The time of starting the last period would not matter - what is most important in case of BC pills is regularity and how long a woman has been on the pill. Taking the pill continuously for 7 days would suppress ovulation - taking it for a longer time would increase the level of the hormones in the blood and suppress it for a longer time. So your girlfriend would not ovulate in July, assuming, of course, that she has been taking the pills daily.
Missing one or two pills generally does not affect ovulation. In some women though, the brief fall in the level of hormones may cause afollicle to develop. These will then ovulate after about 14 days.
Since you had sex with your girlfriend before she missed her pill, even if she ovulates later, she cannot become pregnant from sex with you.
A male sperm can fertilize an ovum for only 48 hours after ejaculation.
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