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Dr. Owen
Dr. Owen, OB/GYN (Doctor)
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board Certified: Ob/Gyn & Preventive medicine, US Medical Graduate
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How can you catch clamidia just found out i tested positive

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how can you catch clamidia just found out i tested positive and i know me and my husband both have been faitfull
Dr. Owen : Hello, I am Dr Owen, I am a Board Certified Ob/Gyn Medical Doctor and I want to help you.
Dr. Owen : Are you absolutely sure your husband has been faithful
Dr. Owen : Also Which chlamydia test did you have done - was it the NAAT DNA test?
Dr. Owen : And, did you get second Chlamydia test to confirm you have chlamdia
Dr. Owen : hi

yes i get the hubbys check stub his hours check out vaginal test and no only 1 done

Dr. Owen : okay
Dr. Owen : well the Chalmydia tests that are used in the US are the NAAT DNA tests and these are Extremely accurate with a Less than 1% false positive rate

how is that one done?

Dr. Owen : so, I rarely see a second test come back negative, but it does happen and I have seen a handful come back negative in close to 20 years as an ob/gyn
Dr. Owen : The test as far as you are concerned is just a swab in the vagina


Dr. Owen : The two different tests are a DNA test and then there is a Chlamydia culture test.

i think they did the culture test

Dr. Owen : So, essentially If you had the NAAT test - ask for a Chlamydia culture test
Dr. Owen : hard to say which they did - I was not there - sorry

its ok can you catch this disease any other way?

Dr. Owen : no
Dr. Owen : you can ONLY get chlamydia sexually - there is absolutely no other way
Dr. Owen : I know couples or the one accused tries to say that - but honestly there is no other way

ok sould i ask my doctor for a second test?

Dr. Owen : Yes, get retested and have your husband get a DEEP culture done deep INSIDE the penis too - those are the most accurate for a guy
Dr. Owen : I wish you the best

i had when i was 15 is there any possiable way it never got out all the way?

Dr. Owen : and the bot***** *****ne - BOTH of you should be treated for this with Zithromax (azithromycin)
Dr. Owen : No, this would be a NEW infection - not something from 11 years ago

yes my doctor gave me that i took lastnight if i got retested today would it show it was clear or would it still show?

Dr. Owen : The test would be negative if you already took the antibiotics

ok she gave me 2000mg is that enough?

Dr. Owen : I usually do a second test is a patient of mine says they do think they could have gotten a STD before I prescribe an antibiotic
Dr. Owen : YES that is PLENTY
Dr. Owen : Actually you only need 1000 mg


Dr. Owen : I wish you well

thank you have a great day

Dr. Owen : and hope you have a 'good' outcome with your husand.
Dr. Owen : Please click on you EXELLENT
Dr. Owen : Thank you
Dr. Owen : Dr Owen

i hope

Dr. Owen : :-)
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