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I'm having horrible abdomal pain and I'm pregnant, but my

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I'm having horrible abdomal pain and I'm pregnant, but my doctor can't rule out if its an eptopic pregnancy. What can I do to ease this horrible pain?
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
How many weeks pregnant are you? When was your last menstrual period?
When did you get your pregnancy test - was it positive?
Di you get an ultrasound?
Are you bleeding or spotting?
Since when did you get the pain?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I paid 58.00 dollars for no answer, I've already told you my doctor can't rule out if its an eptopic pregnancy, yet you ask me am I pregnant! I'm 4 an half weeks, no bleeding, nausea, however he did find a cyst on my ovaious. Can I get and answer or is this site a joke? The pain started 2 Sundays ago. Same pain level
I asked you how many weeks pregnant you were, not whether you are pregnant. I needed more information to give you a better reply. You have not as yet told me when you had your last menstrual period and when you got your pregnancy test. I would also have liked to know more about the ultrasound report.
Nevertheless, I will go ahead and answer you without these vital information.
At 4 and a half weeks, a gestational sac may not show up in the ultrasound but the thickness of the endometrium may suggest pregnancy. An endometrial thickness of more than 15 mm is usually suggestive of a pregnancy. The cyst on the ovary could be a corpus luteum cyst but may also be an ectopic pregnancy.
In an ectopic pregnancy, the levels of HCG test secreted are less than normal - so a blood test for HCG would have been been helpful. The urine test would also have been faintly positive.
In your case, with severe abdominal pain, you need a repeat ultrasound as well as a HCG test to rule out or confirm an ectopic.
I hope that helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I had my last period may 8 2013, I've had 4 ultra sounds past two week, 2 by my obgyn doctor & 2 from the " E. R" no one can rule this eptocial pregnancy out.. However they did see the a small spot which the doctor told me there's the baby, and also should me a cyst which he said is almost 5 cm , but can't determine if its a tubal pregnancy.
You have said this is a bad service. But considering that minimal information you gave me , it was a very good answer.
You have posted more information now - I think that the answer this time will be excellent and you will give feedback as such.
At 4 and a half weeks, it is very difficult to identify an ectopic prengancy by ultrasounds. you will need to get an HCG test done - the HCG level is usually on the lower side in an ectopic.
Abdominal pain can occur normally in a normal pregnancy. Even if this is an ectopic, at 4 1/2 weeks, the sac will not be very large and it is possible to wait and watch without any danger. this is especially so since there was no sac or lump detected in the tubes in the ultrasounds.
I am afraid that at the moment there is nothing much you can do but wait for a repeat ultrasound. Tylenol will help decrease the pain to some extent and it is safe in pregnancy.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive feedback.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My hcg level went up 69 last Monday on the 10 June, yesterday before I was discharged from the hospital it was over 2,000. I do apologize I'm just in pain & haven't had a goods nights rest over a week now. I'm worried & scared because no one really knows what's going on with my body.
If your HCG level has increased, then it is a good sign that this is not an ectopic. The HCG level does not increase rapidly in ectopics.
The pain is possibly because of another cause like an UTI or pressure on the ligaments.
Please ask your doctor to order a urine test even if you do not have other symptoms of an UTI.
Dr.M.D.Mazumdar and other OB GYN Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'm sorry what do you mean by ligaments?
Ligaments are the strong fibrous structures which helps support the uterus and attach it to the surrounding tissues. These can get stretched during pregnancy and cause pain.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can this be the reason why when I'm on my feet for hours at a time & the pain starts to began, or can it be from the cyst being it 5cm, and can't this cyst kill me?
stretching of the ligaments can increase pain when you ar eon your feet for a long time.
A 5 cm cyst is not dangerous. It is likely to be a corpus luteum cyst - normal in pregnancy.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much, I do feel a little more at ease, the pain feel like I'm in labor but last about 4 mins when it comes then I'm fine until hours later.. Thank you
You are welcome