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Could it be possible that my HCG level is 11 35 days after

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Could it be possible that my HCG level is 11 35 days after sex?
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
Assuming that you had sex at around the day of ovulation, that is about 14 days after your last period and became pregnant, then 35 days after sex would make you about 50 days after the last menstrual period, which is approximately 6+ - 7 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, your HCG levels should be about 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml.
11 is too less and implies either a pregnancy of about 3-4 weeks, which will be just before the time of the missed period or a non-viable pregnancy.
Please get an ultrasound done to check the health of the pregnancy.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are you still there? I have a few more questions

Please go ahead and ask your questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm having paternity issues and I'm not sure that I need to be questioning this at all, but I figured I'd ask.

I had a period on January 9th and usually have a 28-29 day cycle. Then on January 30th I had sex with 'partner A'. We used protection and I even took the morning pill within about 22 hours of it happening. I went on to have a period on February 8th.

Then 'partner B' and I tried to conceive the rest of February. I went in on February 26th for my annual and they did a blood test for HCG and it came back as less than 5 - not pregnant. A week later I was having symptoms of pregnancy and went in on March 5th and the levels were 11. March 7th was 44 and then March 11 was 256. My due date is November 14th, as we worked off of the LMP date of Feb 8.

I went in for my 16 week appt, and the nurse practitioner was feeling my mid-section and said that I seem to be carrying large and they did an ultrasound a week later when I was supposed to be 17weeks 0 days. They determined that the baby was measuring on average of 17 weeks 1 day. The only measurement they gave me was the weight at 167 grams.

Anyways, when they said I was carrying large was when I really became concerned about this being from the January incident... and now 4 months later I am questioning whether or not the bleeding on Feb 8th could have been implantation bleeding or not. I don't remember thinking it was anything different than a period, but I'm just worried.

I'm thinking that the HCG levels being tested so early are probably the best indicator as to what is really going on, but I've been told that those levels can vary.

Could they be that low though? it was a full 28 days after sex that the test was a 0 and a full 35 days after sex that the level was an 11.

Also, how accurate are ultrasounds at determining size at 17 weeks? From what I've researched, 167 grams sounds right on par for 17 weeks, and far too low for 20 to 21 weeks, but when we're talking about grams, could they be off by the additional 3-4 weeks?

It is not possible that your pregnancy is due to partner A with whom you had sex on January 30th.
If you had got pregnant due to the sex at this time, your HCG levels on the February 26th would not have come back less than 5. HCG tests are quite accurate and it is very uncommon to have a false positive or a false negative report.
Also, the morning after pill is also quite effective - if you took it within 24 hours, the chances of getting pregnant is less than 1%. Taking further protection at that time would further reduce the chances of a pregnancy.
If your period on the 8th feb was normal, then you could have got pregnant before that.
Your HCG levels are also more compatible with a pregnancy after 8th Feb.
At 17 weeks, ultrasounds have an error margin of =/- 7 days. And yes, 167 gms is right for a 17 weeks pregnancy
Physical examination is not very accurate in determining the size of the uterus since the uterus may appear to be larger than normal due to many causes - full bladder, loaded rectum pushing up the uterus, fat on the abdominal wall, gas in the intestines etc.
Your pregnancy is due to sex after 8th Feb.
I hope this helps.
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