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Hi! A few days ago (Thursday) I had intercourse for the first

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Hi! A few days ago (Thursday) I had intercourse for the first time. We did use protection, and unless we are totally blind, we are basically positive that the condom never broke. However, I do understand that condoms are never 100% effective. Soon after a small amount of activity happened again, but this time without a condom. He did pull out to ejaculate. Therefore, during that time my only worry is pre-ejaculation. I have done research and it seems to be that this may or may not contain sperm. I did have a small amount of bleeding, but I know this can be common during the first time you have intercourse. Being worried, I also took Plan B within 12 hours of of this activity. Ever since I had this intercourse on Thursday night (it is now Monday) I have had very light bleeding. It stared out having more of a brown look and now its either none at all, or at times it is just very very light pink. I am not on birth control but my period us usually regular and starts within a day or two of the same date every month. Normally I would have started my period around Friday - Sunday. Only a day or two after having this intercourse and taking Plan B. I am aware that Plan B can totally mess up your period and regular schedule. However, I am just curious as to what this faint bleeding is now. Is it because I just lost my virginity and I could be irritated? Is it from the Plan B? Or could any of it be from my period since I would normally have it right now? Of course I am concerned about pregnancy, which is why I took Plan B. But we did try to be as care as possible with a condom (it was not his first time and he knew how to use it correctly), and I am only worried about pre-ejaculate past that point. I understand none of this is 100% effective, but I am hoping that I have done what I can at this point to prevent a pregnancy. I am just wondering if I am having these symptoms because of the Plan B and it being my first time? Also, if I would normally be having my period right now, when should I expect to see it? When should I be concerned? Also, on a side note I just completed this spring semester in college. The past month I have had higher stress due to exams. I know stress can also cause an irregular period. How might this factor in?

Welcome and thank you for the question.

The slight bleeding you have is because of minor traumas that you had while having sex.

Bleeding after taking plan B starts after about 3-4 days of taking the pills. This is because the plan B contains a high level of progesterone which will prevent the pregnancy as well as a period. once the level starts going down in about 3-4 days, you get a slight withdrawal bleed.

It is unlikely that you will get pregnant. Using a condom as well as Plan B is very effective in preventing pregnancy.

Your periods will be somewhat delayed this month. Plan b itself can delay the period. that coupled with the sex will further cause a delay.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for you fast response! I know I am being more paranoid because this was my first time and it was also somewhat unexpected. Is bleeding during sex past the first few times common? Also, I am still interested in knowing if pre-ejaculation does or does not contain any sperm. I have seen conflicting information saying that it does and can cause pregnancy, and also information saying that it does not.

Bleeding can continue past the first time. Some women continue to bleed every time they have sex for the first few times.

And the precum does contain sperms. Usually the number of sperms is too low to cause a pregnancy but a pregnancy can sometimes occur with precum.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So a low sperm count in pre-ejaculation and taking Plan B should make chances of pregnancy very unlikely, and I should just look for a delayed/irregular period throughout the next month? How long are you supposed to wait before a pregnancy test can be accurate?
Please wait for at least 16-18 days from the date of the sexual intercourse. If you are pregnant, the pregnancy test will come positive by then. If it is negative then, you are not pregnant.

I hope this helps.
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