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i have been on the pill for years and take it at anytime and

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i have been on the pill for years and take it at anytime and when i miss a day i just double up on it the next day. i usually don't get a period, so i don't know how to caluculate when I will get one next. the last week of april my husband and i were having sex and the condom broke and there was semen coming out of me. I took 6 pregnancy test and they all came back negative. what should i do?

Welcome and thank you for your question.

The BC pill needs to be taken once a day, that is once every 24 hours. Taking it at any time may mess up your hormonal levels.

If you miss one, you need to take it as soon as you remember it. And then take the next time at your usual time. For example, if you take a pill every night at around 8 pm and then forget to take one. Taking it the next morning at 8 am ( approximately 12 hours later) and then taking the usual one at 8 pm will help keep the hormonal levels normal and regular. Taking the pills at any time and then occasionally doubling up may not protect you from getting pregnant.

If pregnancy occurs after sex, the pregnancy test will come back normal at around 14 - 16 days from that day. If you remember the date when the condom broke, please take a pregnancy test 16 days after that date. If you do not remember that date, please take the test after May 14th - that should give you an accurate report. The pregnancy tests you have taken now will not be accurate.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

does it matter my age compare to someone younger on the posiblity of getting pregnant? and if the semen did come out of me that does mean that he ejuculated inside of me correct? because when he pulled out that is when we noticed that the condom was broken.


Yes, your age does matter. At 41 years, the chances of pregnancy is less than in a younger woman but the possibilty does exist.

And yes, if teh smen cam out of you and you noticed it only after he pulled out, then he ejaculated inside you and you have a definite risk for a pregnancy.

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