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I am a 26 yr old woman with no children, IUD inserted 4 days

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I am a 26 yr old woman with no children, IUD inserted 4 days ago. Last night I started feeling an slightly uncomfortable feeling in my lower left abdomen and I am feeling slight pain in my vagina, also I began having an increase in urination. Is this normal for a woman with in my situation (no kids)? I checked for my strings and I can feel them.
Welcome and thank you for your question.
Your symptoms suggests that you could be developing a mild urinary tract infection. An UTI can develop after any manipulation of the vulva, including insertion of the IUD. It is not directly related to the IUD.
Please drink plenty of water to help flush out the bladder. You can also take cranberry juice - 1 cup daily.If the symptoms increase, please consult a doctor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been checking daily for my strings as I am concerned that it was come out is it ok to check daily for my strings and is it true that women without any children have a higher change of expelling the IUD. I am a little concerned of this. Also one last question, is the IUD effective against pregnancy immediately?

It is OK to check for the strings daily as long as your hands are clean while doing so. The rate of expulsion of an IUD in women without children is slightly higher than in women with children but the difference is practically negligible and can be ignored.
The IUD is effective in preventing pregnancies as soon as it is inserted, although it is better to wait for 7 days for the body to adjust.
I hope this helps.
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