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Dr. Pfeiffer
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I have a heterogeneous mass in the myometrium that's

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I have a heterogeneous mass in the myometrium that's inseparable and adjacent to my right ovary. I have not had a period in the past 2 months. I just have a lot of discomfort in that area. What does it mean? Will it affect my chances of having children? I'm 35yo and never been pregnant. I'm on birth control and has always had a regular cycle on and off birth control.
Dr. Pfeiffer :


Dr. Pfeiffer :

this is usually a finding consistent with a uterin fibroid, which is a benign muscle tumor.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

they typically grow in the uterus in 3 places 1) submucosal (inside the uterus). 2 trans mural (what you have..grows in the myometrium) 3 subserosal - (on the outside of the uterus).

Dr. Pfeiffer :

Small fibroids don't usually affect child bearing.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

However, if they become large enough they can cause the baby to be born too 20-24 weeks.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

So, what you need to know is how big the fibroid is.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

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