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Dr. K.
Dr. K., MD
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board certified OB/GYN with 20 years of experience.
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I did a self examination an noticed my clitoris has

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I did a self examination an noticed my clitoris has disappeared and now there are like two flaps one each side. What is going on
DrK99 :

Hello, this is Dr K99. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a Dr/patient relationship. Please consult your Dr for medical advice.

DrK99 :

Can you provide any information about what may have changed? Have you lost or gained weight? Do you notice any white skin?

DrK99 :

The clitoral hood normally covers the glans of the clitoras and there are 2 structures that are the bulbs of the clitoris on either side that may look like skin flaps

DrK99 :

When a women is not arouse the glans of the clitoris is small and should not be visible. It would be completely covered by the hood and you would only see the skin and the bulbs which would look like 2 flaps of skin. This sounds normal

Customer: over the years i have im at 225 right now but when i did a self examination a few months ago everything was normal. when i went to feel down there i didnt feel my clitoris anymore
DrK99 :

You may not be able to feel it at all if not in a state of arousal In addition the weight will contribute to loss of the structure, its there but just harder to find. Thats not surprising at the weight you are at right now.

DrK99 :

This all sounds normal.

DrK99 :

It looks like you are having a hard time staying in the chat. Please rate the answer and Ill be happy to answer any followup questions

Customer: but why are there two extra flaps look weird abd when i close my legs partislly everthing wrinkles up
DrK99 :

Are you sure the two flaps are not the labia minora? If not then they are the crura of the clitoris, they may be larger due to weight gain

Customer: Ok i was just scared when i seen it so with weight loss would it go back to "normal"
DrK99 :

Yes I think it will

DrK99 :

Please click on the question rating and thank you for your business

Customer: will it go back to normal with weightloss
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