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Dr. Owen
Dr. Owen, OB/GYN (Doctor)
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Experience:  Board Certified: Ob/Gyn & Preventive medicine, US Medical Graduate
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If a woman stopped smoking marijuana at 18 weeks during

Customer Question

If a woman stopped smoking marijuana at 18 weeks during pregnancy would is still show up in the meconium? Also do all hospitals test for it, and if she tested negative would they still test the baby? Is there any way to refuse a the stool to be tested?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 5 years ago.
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
We do NOT test meconium.
We do not test stool for it
So, you do NOT need to be concerned.
You can refuse any test you want.
I hope this helps, please click on ACCEPT, thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Even in Alaska?
Sorry for the extra question, but when does the meconium begin to form? I've read between 12-16 weeks, but also 18 weeks, and have gotten information from other unreliable sources.
So the woman would have no problems with CPS if she no longer smoked or ingested any more?
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 5 years ago.
All Ob/Gyn's follow the SAME procedures - there is no reason to do this as an ob/gyn - we just do not.
Also, just to let you know - ANY drug test a doctor orders is NOT admissible as evidence for the law /court.
So, NO it is NOT reportable to CPS - actually it is illegal for a doctor to release this information.
I hope this helps, Please click on ACCEPT for helping you -thank you
Dr. Owen, OB/GYN (Doctor)
Category: OB GYN
Satisfied Customers: 55754
Experience: Board Certified: Ob/Gyn & Preventive medicine, US Medical Graduate
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Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 5 years ago.
The answer is not as simple as the other expert has suggested.

I being your attention to the following excerpt from a report on state laws regarding prenatal drug exposure and reporting:

"The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA)requires States to have policies and procedures in place to notify child protective services (CPS) agencies of substance-exposed newborns (SENs) and to establish a plan of safe care for newborns identified as being affected by illegal substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure. Several States currently address this requirement in their statutes. Approximately 16 States and the District of Columbia have specific reporting procedures for infants who show evidence at birth of having been exposed to drugs, alcohol,or other controlled substances; 12 States and the District of Columbia include this type of exposure in their definitions of child abuse or neglect."

In most cases, drug testing is conducted if the newborn is showing signs of drug intoxication or withdrawal at birth or if there is reason to suspect current use at time of delivery.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
In Alaska would this be the case? And since it's only marijuana and the mother will be essentially "clean" by the time she goes into labor will it be a factor?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
Two different answers from two different doctors.. so what gives?
Expert:  Dr. C. replied 5 years ago.
Meconium is not tested for drugs. If your baby is going to be tested for illegal drugs it will be through urine. The legality of testing without consent varies from state to state. Usually your baby will not be tested unless there is reason for someone attending you in pregnancy to suspect that you are using drugs. In that case, testing may be done without your knowledge the details of which the legality of varies from state to state. You will want to check the laws of your state for the details of this. But if you stopped using drugs and no not otherwise present a reason for the staff to suspect you are suing drugs, it's not likely your baby will be tested. Marijuana will usually stop showing up in the urine in ~ 3 months. I hope this helps to clarify.