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What can cause constant vaginal bleeding mostly light and

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What can cause constant vaginal bleeding mostly light and watery, but sometimes heavy with large clots? This following 3 months of having very light to no period.
How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Any weight change? If so, over what period of time?
Have you had a pelvic exam, PAP smear, and ultrasound lately?
Do you have problem adjusting to cold or hot temperature? Do you feel you are always tired? Dry skin? Fragile nails? Tremor? Loss of outer eyebrows? Hair loss? Bowel problem? Sleep problem? Palpitations? Voice change? Nervousness?
Do you have excessive facial or body hair? Do you have thinning hair on the skull? Do you have acne increased? Do you have irregular periods?
Do you feel you are always thirsty and drink a lot of liquid? Do you go to the bathroom frequently? Is your appetite increased? Do you crave sweets?
Are you currently sexually active? If so, what contraceptive do you use?
Abnormal vaginal discharge?
Do you have excessive stress at home or work?
Do you have hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, loss of libido?
Do you have any other symptoms associated with your problem?
Are you aware of anything which might have brought this on?
Do you have any medical problems?
Any surgeries?
Are you taking any medications including OTC pills and herbs?
Any family medical history?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am 5ft10in, about 165lbs, had Liposuction 9 months ago
No testing or exams lately (I treat myself with Acupuncture)
I tend to get cold easily especially in drafts. I do feel always tired. No dry skin, fragile nails, tremors etc.
I occasionally suffer from insomnia, and can get quiet nervous at times.
I have noticed s few facial hairs on my right chin (this started about a 2 years ago)
I have always had irregular periods on and off (except when I was on BCPs) Cycles fluctuating between 5 and 7 weeks with me skipping 2-3 months during the summer every few years.
I do not get thirsty often, and do not go to the bathroom often either. No increase in appetite, and I do not crave sweets.
I am not currently sexually active (last took BCPs 7 years ago)
No abnormal vaginal discharge but use to have a bit of leukorrhea (white-clear, odorless) ever since I can remember.
I have been extremely stressed out lately.
No hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, a bit of moodiness, and an increased libido.
Ever since moving from the US back home to Bermuda (2008) my menstrual cycle has been abnormal. Sometimes missing periods for 2-3 months. Sometimes light and sometimes normal amount of menstrual flow. Abdominal distention, but never any pain, cramps, headaches, etc. Leading up to the Lipo in August 2010 I was having very light menses with abdominal bloating. After the surgery my menses continued to be light and November - January I did not see any menstrual flow at all. January - March, my menstrual cycle returned on time each month (I was very happy). April-May I have had vaginal bleeding, sometimes just spotting, other times periods of copius watery blood, and still others thicker blood with large clots. Bleeding would subside after the passing of clots. Blood is bright red in color and clots are not dull or purple nor do I experience any pain or discomfort. There are also no palpable lumps on my abdomen. Vaginal bleeding did stop for a bout two and a half weeks in the beginning of May.
I am not taking any medications or herbs at the moment. I have had no surgeries other than the Lipo... but I did have two abortions when I was 19 and 21.
No family history of this that I know of.
Thanks for all of your questions.
There are some possibilities.
1. thyroid problem
2. polycystic ovary syndrome: the cause is imbalances of hormones; the typical symptoms are overweight, diabetes, male pattern hair growth, excessive acne, multiple cysts of ovaries, loss of libido.
3. ovarian or adrenal tumor producing male hormones (less likely)
You should see a gyn to have a blood test (TSH, free T4, LH, FSH, testosterone, DHEAS, fasting blood sugar), a pelvic exam, and ultrasound.
Any questions?
khagihara and other OB GYN Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Does it sound as though Vaginal, Cervical, or Uterine tumor could be a possibility as well?
If it is vaginal, cervical, or uterine tumor, you should continue to have bleeding and the bleeding doesn't stop.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Oh ok, thanks so much. You have been a very big help. I wish you and yours the best of health and happiness.
You are welcome.
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Thank you.