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Dr. Zach
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I have a little tiny vaginal blister right on my vaginal lip

Resolved Question:

I have a little tiny vaginal blister right on my vaginal lip next to the opening of my vagina. It appeared on Sun. I'm scheduled to start my mensus in about a week and it may be associated with that, but I'm not sure. I also used Nair hair removal on Sat evening.

Its extrememly painful. Ive used a mirror to try to look at it and its barely noticeable. Since Sun, I've been using poly bacitracin on it and trying to keep it from being so moist down there. Its extremely uncomfortable. what can i do? Do you think its a reaction to the Nair or hormonal?

what can i do to treat it? should i be alarmed?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Zach replied 6 years ago.

Hello! My name isXXXXX and I will be happy to assist you today.


It very well be an allergic reaction/skin dermatitis to Nair which would be a logical explanation given it is a single blister. Another potential over the counter treatment for it would be silver sulfidiazine cream (often used to treat burns). Also, when I hear about painful blister(s) near the vagina, the one thing that needs to be ruled out is genital herpes --- and for this to be done, you need to see a doctor and have a herpes swab of the area.



~ Dr. AJ

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i have an annual gynelogical exam that includes blood work, pap smear, mamogram, prostate and HIV. I also had a herpes exam and had one about a year ago, the last time this happened. Though, it wasnt in the same place, my dr told me then that it was hormonal and sometimes happens.

should i mention that i dont have a discharge, but there is a very very slight odor. Not fishy or anything, just a slight odor and there otherwise would be none. I used a product on yesterday called refresh that i use instead of douching. so now i'm concerned that perhaps i would have a discharge or more odor, but its now masked because i used this prod. my urine isnt discolored, but has a very very slight odor. would that be a part of the reaction to Nair too? no other symptoms like burning or itching.
Expert:  Dr. Zach replied 6 years ago.

-- Its hard to know what to make of the very slight odor as that may or may not go along with a blister if there is any 'weeping' of fluid. The nair likely is not 'masking' anything else. The urine smell should not be part of the reaction.


-- I would still recommend having the blister tested with a viral culture --- if it happened in the past and was not tested, it needs to be tested as while it MAY be a reaction to nair, the other possible diagnosis (herpes) has not officially be ruled out.



Best Wishes,


Dr. AJ

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my apologies. i must not have been clear. herpes was officially ruled out. the results were negative. i've never had an STD or any kind. my concern is not that the nair may mask the slight odor, but that the RepHresh product may. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the prod as there are so many on the market. RepHresh is a vaginal gel thats used to "maintian healthy vaginal pH". its claim is that it eliminates feminine odor and relieves feminine discomfort. I have found it gentle enough to use, unlike douching which usually irritates me and has given me a yeast infection in the past.

i used the repHresh on yesterday at the first sign of the odor and thats why i was concerned that i may have masked signs of yeast or bacterial infection. Is that possible or would the symptoms still present themselves? Will the irritated skin on my vulva heal itsef in a few days? when should i become alarmed? get antibiotics? is it important to keep the area dry to promote healing?
Expert:  Dr. Zach replied 6 years ago.

I am glad that herpes was ruled out-- that is good news. I think repHresh is an excellent product to use to maintain a healthy vaginal pH and a healthy vagina. It is much better than douching-- I do not recommend doucheing. The problem with doucheing is that it tends to wipe out all the bacteria (good and bad) that live in the vagina and then predispose you to getting other infections-- not a good option. RepHresh simply helps balance your vaginal pH and it is very gentle.


Both bacterial vaginosis and yeast typically present with a discharge. So just using the repHresh gel should not cause you to mask all signs and symptoms. I suspect if you have either bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection you will start to notice an unusual discharge as well as possibly some itching.


The irritated skin on your vulva will likely heal itself-- the vagina does a good job of healing. Things to look out for would be a nasty discharge from the irritated skin, if it gets really red and hot, or if you develop a fever-- all of these would be reasons to see a doctor as it may have become infected and in that case you might need antibiotics. You are correct that keeping the area dry can sometimes promote healig-- so after you shower, if you have a hair dryer, you can use it on cool setting to dry the area (be careful not to use the hot setting-- that might burn a bit). Wear cotton underwear and don't soak in the bathtub for now. Use only mild cleansers (like dove soap for sensitive skin) on the area.


Take care and I wish you the best. Hope it heals up just fine! Please click accept for my time. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

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