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I have sharp stabbing abdominal pain in my lower right

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I have sharp stabbing abdominal pain in my lower right abdomen. The pain came in waves and was unbearable. I went to emergency and they did blood work which was normal and a cat scan with dye and said that all appeared normal as well. They said they could not find the cause of this pain. They gave me Toredol IV and something for nausea as well. I got home and several hours later the pain started again. I took two tylenol with codeine. Could this be the gall bladder or would this have shown on the cat scan? they said it could be muscular or a ligament.
I really need to know what is going on in my body.
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
This pain is LOWER in the right abdomen, not higher up?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is very low....close to my groin. It is so just hits me out of the blue. This is the fourth time in a couple of months that i have had this happen and this is the first time it has come along twice in one day.
This pain on the right is usually due to a few things:
1. Appendix - sometimes very hard to rule out this as this cause.
2. Ovarian cyst
3. Pelvic infection
4. Ovarian torsion - which would cause intermittant pain - and a pelvic ultrasound is needed.
5. Urinary tract infection or a urinary tract stone - and a renal ultrasound protocol should be done.
I hope this helps, and I would highly recommend getting any of these possible diagoses evaluated to relieve your pain.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The emergency department did a cat scan of my abdomen and said that it was normal. I had a pelvic ultrasound 3 weeks ago when I had bout of this same pain and it was normal. They did blood work which was normal too. Do you know of what kind of diagnosis they could do?
then next step would be to do a diagnostic laparoscopy - essentially placing a camera in your pelvic cavity and Look directly as you might have adhesions, you might have an infection, you might have a 'stuck' ovary that is causing the pain.
Most likely this is either an adhesion (scar tissue) or an infection is EVERYTHING else has been normal.
I hope this helps, Please click on ACCEPT, thank you for your questions.
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