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Can a woman's vagina actually shrink if she is past

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Can a woman's vagina actually shrink if she is past menopause (i.e., atrophy) to the point at which it becomes impossible to have intercourse, even with lubricants?
I am 71, yet in the summer of 2009 I could still have intercourse with my gynecologist had prescribed some sort of cream (I think estrogen, or something similar) to be inserted over a number of weeks inside me using a plastic "tampon" the sex was fine, no discomfort - the opposite, in fact! I am diabetic (Type 2) but it is under excellent control, no complications of any kind.
I hope it will still be possible for me to enjoy intercourse with my new boyfriend because we are very well-suited in all relationship respects........
Hello! My name is***** and I will be happy to assist you today.

It can (and will) shrink, even with estrogen IF there isn't some mechanism to allow it to stretch (IE intercourse)... if it has been several months since you last had intercourse, this is why it is likely shrunk... but there is hope! You need to ask your doctor/obtain vaginal dilators... over the course of several weeks... and while using lots of lubrication, you will be able to slowly dilate your vagina up to a larger size to allow for intercourse. Estrogen cream is also important, but the dilators will be key to opening your vagina back up

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Dr. AJ

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dr. AJ,

Thank you. As mentioned, its a very good relationship. He is younger than me - but this is not an issue, and when we do get physically intimate he mentioned he's "quite large" and not circumcised. (I've no experience of this EXCEPT once, several years ago, with someone I'd been dating & he was also "welll-endowed". We used handcream - absolutely impossible! I wasn't sorry that relationship ended.......but anyway, my current friend is (and I am) willing to go for oral its a completely different situation........ I had seen mention on "Sex Issues" on AARP website that when a woman shrinks & atrophies, it can be impossible to have intercoursel. No mention was made of vaginal dilators.........I've not heard of a "V.G." but will have to try it if you say it works.

He and I are long-distance so I have plenty of time to prepare!

Your further comments would be apprecated......

We use vaginal dilators routinely in the office.. does it guarantee you will be able to have sex? No.. but it offers a chance (the alternative is not even trying)... there really is no risk using a dilator except discomfort initially when you start the process. For many women, even a slight improvement in dilation will allow for some intercourse (it may not be deep penetration, but still better than no intercourse at all)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You have been very helpful! Thank you!
You are very welcome.

Best of luck to you! I