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My Right Breast has been very sore and tender to the touch

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My Right Breast has been very sore and tender to the touch for over a week now. I do not have any other symptoms but i am concerned as my mother passed away from breast cancer in her 40's.
Hello! My name is***** and I will be happy to assist you today. I am sorry to hear that your mother passed away so early. I am sure that has made you very worried about your own breasts and it is wonderful to see that you have kept up with yearly physicals and mamograms. Are there any skin changes on your breast? Does it look red? Inflammed? Bigger than the other breast?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There are no changes in the skin, it isnt red or inflammed. I even checked to any leakage and there is none. Just very sore and tender to the touch for about 8-9 days now.
I was initially thinking of inflammatory breast cancer when I asked you those questions, but seeing as you do not seem to have other symptoms of it I don't think this is what is going on. Obviously a physical exam would be crucial here. . .but a couple ideas I had:

1. Make sure your bra is properly fitted. Sometimes an improperly fitting bra can actually cause breast tenderness. You can even be fitted for free at places like victoria's secret.

2. My guess is that you are not yet post menopausal and likely still experience hormonal fluctuations throughout the month. Sometimes breast tenderness can be increased by this. Additionally, if you have fibrocystic changes in your breast, caffeine consumption can worsen the cystic changes and make it quite painful. This could be contributing as well.

3. Sometimes hypothyroidism leads to retaining more fluid. The breasts are sensitive to fluid retention and can sometimes feel swollen because of this.

4. You are correct to check for discharge and moniter for skin changes. You are doing all the right things, especially considering you had a mammogram recently. This is reassuring. That being said, if the symptoms persist for another couple of weeks please have a doctor check it out as well. Usually whole breast tenderness is not as concerning as just one specific spot (but again, that's just a generalization).

Take care. I know you are worried, but you really are doing a great job checking all the right things and keeping close tabs on your breast health. Follow up with a physician if symptoms don't resolve in 2 weeks or you develop any of the above symptoms we mentioned (skin changes, pain in one specific spot, discharge, fever, etc). Please click accept for my time. Thanks, ***** *****
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much! This is reassuring and I will be sure to set an appointment with my doctor if it continues.