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I am 43, a month late for my period, tested neg on home preg

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I am 43, a month late for my period, tested neg on home preg test. Feel somewhat crampy and have had small amount of brown spotting a couple days. Breasts are not tender. Although they were earlier in the month. Should I wait it out or make a scheduled dr appt? I have also had some feelings of stomach pain/nausea/indigestion for the last few days. Don't know if thats even related.
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It sounds like you are concerned that you could be pregnant. Usually a home pregnancy test is not considered accurate until about 2 weeks after your last episode of sexual intercourse or 1 week after a missed period. So by now, the fact that you are a month late for your period, you should have an accurate result. I am assuming based on this that you are not pregnant.

There are many other causes for a light or missed period. These include increased stress, diet changes, thyroid hormone changes, and perhaps even the peri menopausal period. The average age of menopause is about 51 and this is defined as 1 year without periods. However, the period leading up to this is called the peri menopause and is often marked by irregular periods. It may very well be that this is waht you are experiencing.

Some lab work can help to tell you if you are in the peri menopausal period. The main test we use is called a FSH level. Additionally, it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and have your thyroid tested.

This does not sound like an emergent problem assuming your symptoms do not worsen. I think you could go ahead and make yourself an appointment for next month sometime (usually it takes about this long to get in anyhow).

Take care and I wish you the best. Please click accept for my time. Bonuses and/or feedback are always appreciated. Thanks!
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