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hi, Im taking utrogestan after doing IUI. Do i need to wait

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I'm taking utrogestan after doing IUI. Do i need to wait until 14 days after ovulation to do a urine test or do the normal accuracies apply? ie. 2 days before 87% accurate. i wondered if taking utrogestan changes the time frame. my gyno said do a blood test 14 days after. not sure why. thanks



Utrogestan is progesterone which helps support the pregnancy and does not change the time frame.


The sensitivity of the urine test is closer to 100% after 14 days of ovulation.Your Doctor must have advised you to do the test after 14 days to avoid false negative result if you do it before and avoid unnecessary anxiety(the sensitivity being 87% like you said).


Just for your information a blood pregnancy test can show positive very early(almost a week after ovulation)


Hope this helps you.


All the very best.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
taking progesterone means i dont have a period on time. but the first day of my supposed period would be 14 days after ovulation right. do i count this from the day i released follicles and had IUI or the day after? ie. counting days after ovulation do you include ovulation day? thank you



It would be 14 days after you released the follicles(ovulation).So you count after the ovulation.


And yes,your periods would be around the 14 days after ovulation.


I am not sure I understood the first line.Progesterone would not cause a delayed period,if that is what you wanted to know.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i mean taking progesterone and not stopping means my period wont necessarily start. would need to stop taking the progesterone tablets for period to start.
one more thing. is there a downside to IUI i.e. the sperm not having their own natural liquid they swim in, or the follicles being released when drugs instruct them to as opposed to naturally. i'm thinking of doing a cycle without iui.
will i produce normal amount of hormones myself next cycle or will i need a month or 2 to produce things properly after this cycle with artficial hormones?

I will accept your answer and write satisfied! thank you



Yes,but don't stop till the tests show negative,at least two done two three days apart after 14days period(so one ideally on the 14th day and one after few days.


During IUI,the medium used is quite similar to the natural liquids,in fact they may contain more nutrition and less debris.And using drugs to help ovulation too does not really have a down side as the size when we use the drugs indicate that the egg is ready for being released.


The hormones used mainly progesterone will not change the next cycle so much,but a month or two may be needed for the others to settle down.


And though IUI is known to have good results you could still try the natural way!

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