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I am 3 1/2 months post op after a LSH. I still have deep on

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I am 3 1/2 months post op after a LSH. I still have deep on again off again pain on my left side (morselator (sp) side. Some days are worse than others but for a past couple days the flares of pain have been accompanied by chills, today in particular. I've just been tolerating it, thinking it would just take time to heal, but it seems we've reached a point where it's getting worse rather than better. I'm worried...what could be a possible cause? What should I expect my Dr. to do when I see him about this? Thank you.
Hello! My name isXXXXX and I will take the time to answer your question =)

By LSH do you mean laparoscopic hysterectomy? What was the reason you had your surgery? When did the pain first start? Are you having any difficulty urinating? Any increased pain with urination? Any increased frequency of urination? Have you taken your temperature-- if so, what is it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy. I had a long history of fibroids, two previous D&C procedures in my 30's and 40's. We kept things monitored for 7 years hoping menopause would reduce them but I started spotting and upon exam and ultrasound the Dr. found polyps had grown in addition to the fibroids and he felt it best to do the surgery. I have had pain since the surgery of course and have just been allowing myself to heal and assumed this was just going to take longer on that side for some reason, but it has reached a point where there is no improvement in the pain and sometimes is more so and as I said today have chills with the pain. A few weeks after the surgery I did go in because of continued pain when urinating. The lab did show an infection, I took an antibiotic and it cleared up with no further issues in that area. The pain is only on the left side of my abdomen, deep and a little crampy like at times. I have not taken my temp....used to have a therm. but can't find it, sorry.
Hmmm. . .
A couple thoughts had gone through my mind--

I was at first thinking you could have a urinary tract infection. If you have any similar symptoms to what you had before with the infection, I would have your urine checked again. I was worried that maybe you had developed pyelonephritis-- where the urinary tract infection ascends and gets into the kidney. That would be a deep pain kind of on your back. It can oftentimes be associated with fevers and chills. If your urine is positive for infection, that is something to think about.

Next, it is possible with any surgery to injure surrounding structures such as bowel. I am assuming there were no complications during the surgery, otherwise your doctor would have told you.

It could be possible that you have developed an adhesion on the left side. . .maybe it is even where the port was placed. Sometimes the bowel or omentum or other structures scar down a bit and get stuck in place and can cause pain. Sometimes this can be seen on imagine like MRI or CT scan.

Finally, I would make sure to have your doctor examine your vagina and make sure everything looks ok inside-- sometimes you can have infections there that cause crampy pain.

When you see your doctor and tell him or her these complaints, I would expect that they would do a thorough abdominal exam as well as a urine analysis and speculum exam. If nothing shows up on any of that, he or she may consider doing an imagine study.

Take care! Do know that your body is still healing even though it is 3.5 months out. I know post op pain can be frustrating and what you have described does sound atypical. Please let your doctor know. Please click accept so that I may receive credit for my time. Bonuses and/or feedback are always appreciated. Thanks!
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