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Dr. Zach
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This is the second time that I got my period this month. I

Customer Question

This is the second time that I got my period this month. I was on my period from March 1st - 7th, everything seemed normal. I started again on the 24th. This time its really heavy, and thick. I usually have heavy periods and have experienced "clumps, or stringy thick clots". This time its extremely thick and bright red, clumps about the size of a quarter. What could this be? What are the different possibilities?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Zach replied 7 years ago.

Hello! My name is***** and I will take the time to answer your question =)

There are many different possibilities. It could be related to the presence of fibroids or polyps (both usually benign growths that can be in the uterus). It could just be that your hormones are a bit out of whack as well. . .sometimes your cycle will go back to normal and other times it requires the assistance of birth control pills or a progesterone only medicine like Provera. Usually the first place we start in a workup like this is a physical exam and then a pelvic ultrasound. That way if you had fibroids, the ultrasound could help pick it up. If the ultrasound showed a thickened endometrial stripe (thickened uterine lining), we would consider doing an endometrial biopsy (take a sample of the lining of your uterus. . .it's an office procedure) and make sure there are no signs of cancer. If not, then we would probably start you on birth control pills to help regulate the cycle. If you had really heavy bleeding we could give you a medicine called Provera which acts to thin the uterine lining. You might be a good candidate for the Mirena IUD-- it gives you birth control but also helps manage heavy bleeding (it is progesterone only so it thins the uterine lining).

Take care. . .hope this helped! Please click accept so that I may receive credit for my time. Thanks!