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Is it normal to have cramps after your period if your period

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Is it normal to have cramps after your period if your period was late? I don't normally have cramps...


I would be happy to assist you. Are you sexually active? Are you taking any birth control? When was your last period? Was it normal? Any pain with intercourse? Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I've recently become sexually active, although technically still a virgin. I had a scare that I could be pregnant due to possible exposure to semen. I got very stressed about it and took several HPTs and a blood test - all negative. Eventually did get my period a few days late, although it was slow at was 7 days long. This is the 8th day but still experiencing cramps. My doctor has told me not to worry about being pregnant. That I'm fine. I still can't relax, completely though, especially since this period was different than normal. Should I test again? I'm worried I may be in the 1% that HPTs aren't accurate for...
Okay, I would be happy to address your concern. Please describe the incident in which you were exposed to semen. How long ago was this? When was your last pregnancy test performed?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The last pregnancy test was a home test this morning. Today was also teh last day of my period, or at least, what I'm hoping was my period. The possible exposures to semen could have happened anywhere between 1/23 and 2/12. My bf was fingering me and came close to my vaginal area. I was also scared that he could have had something on his hands. This is all kind of fuzzy. I don't actually remember having anything on me - it's more of a panic that it could have happened after the fact. The blood test was on 2/14, the same day that my bleeding started. My last period before that was 1/5-1/9 and I'm typically on about a 35 day cycle. I became very stressed about all this on 2/13 and I'm wondering if that's what slowed my flow at first. I also have been doing too much online research and began to wonder if maybe the blood test was too early.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Oh, and I'm not on birth control. Definitely will not be taking this risk again though.

The risk of becoming pregnant this way is extremely low. The stress you have had concerning this is the likely reason your period was abnormal this month. Yes, it is possible the test was performed too early, but it is likely that you are not pregnant. You can certainly take another pregnancy test 14 days after your last sexual activity 2/26 to confirm. Your negative test today excludes incidents occurring before 2/06. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask additional questions if necessary. Best wishes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks so much. It scared me to have a late period, but then for it to be abnormal made me think it might not be my period. Just how common is implantation bleeding? I've never really had much cramping before, either. I heard that the cramps could be because my period was late, though. I've done quite a few HPTs (been just a bit worried) over the past week and I have a few saved just to ease my worries. Somehow I got it in my head that I would be in the small percentage that 1.) gets pregnant this way 2.) Doesn't get an accurate result from the testing. Is it true that if you're bleeding the tests might not show a positive despite actually being pregnant? Other than the cramping, I'm not experiencing anything else so I'm going to hope it's all in my head and test again to be sure. I was sick with a virus of some sort for most of January. Do you think that could have caused the delayed period?
I apologize for the delay. I don't think any of your worries will come true. Implantation bleeding can occur sometimes, not often, but this is extremely light. Illness is a type of stress on the body and can certainly cause menstrual abnormalities. Try to relax and think of things the opposite is likely that you are not pregnant, but there is nothing wrong with testing just to be sure. Save your remaining test to perform on the 26th. When it returns as negative, allow yourself to relax. Take care.
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