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Dr. Kala
Dr. Kala, OB/GYN (Doctor)
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I started bleeding 11 days before my period was supposed to

Customer Question

I started bleeding 11 days before my period was supposed to start. Its now been 14 days and im still bleeding just the same amount. My period was supposed to start 3 days ago.
Medical symptoms:
- I have been bleeding for two weeks
- It started eleven days before my period was supposed to start
- I bled brown blood first, then redish blood, then bright pink blood, then back to brown and red blood, and now finally pink blood.
- It has a foul smell.
- In the beggining there was blood in my stool and on toilet paper when wiping.
- I've been having cramps, upset stomach, nausea, and headaches.
- I'm peeing a lot.
- I'm on birth control pills (Aviane)
- It's not bleeding a lot like a period normally would. Sometimes it bleeds lightly, sometimes a bit heavier.
- There has been other months where I have been bleeding not on my period.
- Had abnormal cells on cervix when pap test was done in November but it was checked out by gyno but the results came back clear
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 7 years ago.

How many pads per day do you use during a normal period?

Had you missed a previous period?

Are you having unprotected sex (UPS)?

Any medications?

Any medical problems?

How often do you exercise? For how long each time?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I use about 3 pads per day or less on a normal period. I have not missed a previous period. I have a boyfriend and we do not use condoms, however i am on birth control pills. Im not on any other medications. I have anxiety, and used to be on medication for it, but that was a while ago. I stopped taking it in April 2008. No other medical problems. I very rarely exercise other than casual walking from here to there.
Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the additional information.

You increased bleeding period, also called menorrhagia (MN), can be due to any number of things that can affect our menstrual cycle. The foul odor is probably old residual blood that has not completely left the vagina. You should try and thoroughly rinse out the vagina with water, this will probably help the odor.

However since you have had several months where you had irregular bleeding it may be due to the birth control pill (BCP) or how you are taking it. It is important to take the BCP the same time every day or else you will have abnormal bleeding. If you have been taking them as described then you may need to consider switching to a different BCP.

Hope this is clear, if not let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Would that explain bleeding out of my anus and blood in my stool? I have been on this birth control for over a year and i have never had a problem with it until recently. I'm still confused as to why I would be bleeding different colours. I have heard that dark blood is older blood, but why am I bleeding light pink as well?

Expert:  Dr. Kala replied 7 years ago.
The bleeding from anus and stool is not related and can be due to hemorrhoids, from straining at having a bowel movement (BM). Hard or even firm BM, with/wo constipation can cause this. If there is problem with your BM then blood in stool can be a sign of infection and in older persons (> 35 yrs) can be a sign of colon cancer.

The color of blood will change depending on it's contact with air as well as the length of time that it has taken for it to appear. Bright red is a sign of active bleeding, while brown or dark brown is older blood. Light pink means it is mixed with mucous or other discharge.

Hope this helps. Don't forget to push the accept button for the answers given and so I can get credit for my time.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.