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what could cause acute onset watery odorless clear vaginal

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what could cause acute onset watery odorless clear vaginal discharge with associated external pain when touched?
Have you ever been pregnant?
Do you have pain within your pelvis/vagina - or do you just have pain on the outside with urination only?
What was your last PAP result?
Do you shave your genital area?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes, I was pregnant two years ago and had an abortion. I use the nuva ring now.


There is no pain in the pelvis or any other systemic symptoms. The pain is a burning sensation, and not noticed unless I urinate. Due to the copious amount of discharge, I have to wipe often, which is when the burning is most noticed. It is otherwise painless. I feel the source of the pain is from the irritating discharge. There are no lesions/erythema/edema.


My GYN history is as follows:


My last two paps were abnormal for low grade cervical dysplasia (do to HPV) and this condition is closely followed. I have never had any external vaginal lesions.


In years past I've had BV which presented classically with foul/fishy watery discharge, a classic presentation of candida infection (with itch with thick white discharge), and a bad UTI (again with classic burning with urination, inability to completely void, and hematuria).


Yes, I do shave regulary and have for years without any issues.


I'm a PA in critical care and have exhausted my research as to what could be causing this problem. It began with discharge which I disregarded, but it got worse in the middle of the night, nearly soaking my panties. When I went to urinate and wipe I was surprised by the pain. I hadn't thought much of the discharge at that point. I was fearful of a UTI and began some extra Cipro I had on hand. I woke from sleep to wipe the discharge later in the night (and find a pad) and it occured to me that the watery nature could be BV, so I also took some Flagyl.


You are probably cringing at this, but something I took worked. At work today I had no discharge and the burning pain with wiping has eased up dramatically. Any ideas?

What did you take that worked - was it the flagyl?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Cipro 500mg q 12 hrs (I've now had two doses). And a 1g Flagyl this am.
I can think of many reasons for this for which you have already probably figured out and wrote about.
1. UTI
2. BV infection
3. But, could be a coincidental yeast infection (unlikely)
4. Another would be a dysplasia (due to your history of abnormal PAPs)
5. Finally - this could be a PID - Pelvic inflammatory disease or Endometritis - and Flagyl in combination would work for both of these. Also PID is NOT necessarily a STD - many times it is a multifactorial bacterial infection such as from E. coli or other bacteria.

Most likely it is the flagyl that is working, although cipro can take care of many things. So I would continue taking BOTH antibiotics for 10 days.

I hope this helps, please click on ACCEPT and thank you for the extensive followup.
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