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I am leaking urine through the vagina. When I insert a

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I am leaking urine through the vagina. When I insert a tampon, I remain dry until the tampon is soaked. What course of action is recommended?

For clarification a few questions:

When a tampon is in the vagina you have fluid leaking from the vagina? or

You have urine leaking from the urethra with tampon in vagina?

For how long has this been going on?

Any surgeries, if so what & when?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The leaking stops when I insert the tampon. After 1.5 to 2 hours, I must insert another tampon since the fiirst one is soaked. I seem to leak more in the first part of the day.

This began September 7. 2009. I have visited my urologist and spent September 28 to November 30 with a catheter inserted. I now have an appointment with a urogynecologist for lab work and a cystoscopy next Tuesday, 15 December2009.

Surgeries: Nephroureterectomy Right kidney cancer) April 18, 2008; Whipple (duodenal cancer) October 27, 2008; Incisional hernia repair June 3, 2009; Resection of right ureter orifice August 13, 2009.

Thanks for the additional information.

It appears you have a urinary-vaginal fistula but this usually occurs after a surgery or other problem. So it may have been there since May, i.e. after the April surgery but was small that it was not noticed. I am curious as to what the urologist did during the cystoscopy. In any event the exact location of the fistula, a connection from one organ to another, needs to be determined. I presume the urogyn doctor will do this if the urologist is not so trained. A surgical correction will be necessary.

Hope this is clear, if not let me know.
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