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hi, i have a tiny hard lump that feels like a piece of gristle,

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i have a tiny hard lump that feels like a piece of gristle, almost like the texture of bone or cartillage. It is high up in my left side vaginal wall and you have to push against the wall to feel it. It feels like you would not be able to see it visually as the skin over the top of it is normal , it feels like it is actually embedded within the skin. I have had it for two years and it has never grown in size or gave me any problmes. When touching it , it feels springy as if you can move it about under skin surface, would this information be a concern to you of something serious. LIke I say it has been there for at least two years possibly longer and is quite high up almost as high as cervix. I did mention it to my ob gyn two years ago but she said she could not feel it and maybe I was feeling my cervical ligament. It is only on one side however.


Your pap smars have been normal.

Your gyn did not appreciate sany concerning swelling.

Now, this can be simply an inclusion cyst deep under the 'skin'.

This is benign condition & does not cause ny trouble.

Sometimes, it may get inflammed & painful, which requires removal.Otherwise, just keep a close eyeon this & if it gets bigger it will be more palpable & hence may need to be removed.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I know you are unable to confirm this for certain as you cannot exam me but would you say if it was something very serious, with me having this for at least two years, it would have grown or produced further symptoms?? Can I take reassurance from the fact it has not produced further symptoms. I have a cyst on the other side of vaginal wall which is much softer. The reason this one worried me so much is the extremley hard feel of it compared to the other one. Is it normal to have cysts which feel like gristle??Thanks for answering my question I will accept your reply just wanted to clarify the above as I have scared myself by typing 'hard lump in vaginal wall' into google and reading the numerous scary things that have came up, sarcomas etc


This can be a dermatofibroma, a benign condition, which can feel like a 'indentation' & firm as you described.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
are these common in vagina ? I thought they only appeared on arms/legs?
Yes they can appear anywhere including in vagina.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok, so can i be reassured it is most probably a benign condition
Yes, please be reassured, this is a benign condition.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.