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How can you stop vaginal bleeding

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How can you stop vaginal bleeding
Depending on the cause and severity bleeding from the vagina may require medicines (like hormones), injections (like clotting agents) or even procedures (endometrial ablation) & surgery (hysterectomy) for a cure.
For more information read here
Please get back with more details for any specific information,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok I have been on the HCG diet when my period started I stopped the HCG hormone .... then when my period ended I started to spot about two days later then every time I orgasm it spots a little heavier
Thanks for getting back,
If you are having bleeding generally after intercourse, this may be related to a local cause like a fibroid, cervical erosion, STI, local infection etc.
Hormonal disturbance related to stopping the HCG maybe responsible for the same too
For a further list of important causes read here
I would recommend that you consult your ob/gyn to confirm the same, since some of these conditions would require early treatment to prevent complications,
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