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Dr. Shah
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I have a pain in my right ovary ( well i think its my ovary

Resolved Question:

i have a pain in my right ovary ( well i think its my ovary anyway) its a really uncomfortable feeling that also travels in my thigh. any idea's what it could be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.
Where is this pain located? how often you have this pain? is there any nausea/vomiting, fever, anorexia? Any vaginal discharge?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My stomach is slightly upset, i have not gotten sick and am eating ok.

There is no vaginal discharge either.

I finished my period last saturday and i usually suffer from bad cramps on the 1 st day but the lasted longer this time and then started getting this pain when they finished. the pain is in my ovary i think, its getting worse and it feels as though its traveling to my thigh and hip, its been there for the last couple of days. I also have a lump under my arm (i think it my lymph gland). It kind of feels like the right side of my body is sick.

i have find i have a slight shortness of breath lately, im only 22 and in resonably good health.

Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.
Do you feel pain by pressing in that area? Is this pain located at the same point? Have you ever had any surgery? Have you been evaluated for this pain?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

its not very painfull but its sore and extremly uncomfortable.

no i havent had any surgery and havent been to the doctor yet.

the pain is more like a shooting pain in the top of my thigh, i also keep getting hot flushes(not too sure if it has any relevance though).

Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.
Based on your information and description, it seems like you have some kind of infection, inflammation or local pathology in right lower abdomen/ovarian area or surrounding area . This problem could be due to appendix, mickel's diverticulum or problem in involving certain organ like ileocecal valve, ovary, uterus, bladder. Although you don't seem to have any alarming symptoms at this time but it's been there on & off. Your condition require further investigation to make final diagnosis. You need to get blood test, urine test, stool test and ultrasound along with pelvic exam. If ovarian cyst is found then treatment will depend upon the size of the cyst, usually cyst smaller than 6 cm requires observation and pain control for 60 days, as many of them are functional cyst and go away on their own. So treatment is based on the physical finding and test report, then you will be guided further accordingly.
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