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Dr Singh
Dr Singh, Family Doctor
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Can you tell me what kind of ovarian cysts cause false

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Can you tell me what kind of ovarian cysts cause false positive pregnancy tests? I have 2 long-term cysts (around for 18mths) that are likely simple cysts of only 2cm each. I read that some cysts can cause false positives but which ones?? I got a positive result yesterday, but I am worried I can't trust it. I was 11dpo when I tested. Please help!
Dr Singh : Hi
Dr Singh : False positive pregnancy test is rare, and there are very few things that can cause this. Simple cyst or any ovarian cyst will not cause a false pregnancy test. Pregnancy test is positive when there is hormone called hCG in the blood. No ovarian cyst will cause this. Some causes for false positive test are early miscarriage, evaporation lines, missed reaction time and some trophoblastic tumors.

Thank you for your response.

It says in th intructions to my pregnancy test that ovarian cysts can cause false positive readings. Do you think that this is just worded incorrectly then, and that it means ovarian tumours?

Dr Singh : Yes, they most likely mean tumor or dermoid cyst which is actually a tumor. You can be sure that simple cyst will not cause a false positive pregnancy test.

So a dermoid cyst could cause raised levels of hcg?

Dr Singh : Endometrioma would not cause false positive test.

Thank you very much. You have been very patient in answering my questions. I guess that means I am pregnant! :-) Thank you for your time.

Dr Singh : In extremely rare cases it can. But in most cases even a dermoid cyst would not cause false positive pregnancy test.
Dr Singh : Let me know if you have more questions. And please click 'Accept' if the answer was to your satisfaction.

How about an endometrioma? My doctor is fairly sure my cysts are simple ones, but she is not 100% sure, especially as they have been around for so long (18 months).

Dr Singh : No, I don't think it is unusual. In many women ovarian cysts can persist for years.

Does the size of the cyst have any bearing? Given the fact that mine are only 2cm, does that make it less likely that they would secrete hcg, even if one was a dermoid cyst?

And are dermoid cysts the only types of ovarian cyst that secrete hcg?

Dr Singh : It would be unusual for even a dermoid cyst to secrete hCG. A 2cm cyst can be anything but most likely would be a simple cyst as these are the most common type. No other ovarian cyst will secrete hCG.

Thank you for explaining. One final thing: do you find it unusual that I would have these simple cysts for so long? I understand that they usually resolve within a few cycles.

Dr Singh : Yes, congrats.You are welcome.Please click accept.
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