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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS, MS. Deal with women related all surgical problems including genito-urinary and breast surgery.
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I have a cluster of grape like cysts in my left breast. My

Customer Question

I have a cluster of grape like cysts in my left breast. My gyn sent me to a surgeon and he didn't want to do anything. This has been going on since December and I still hurt. The doctor told me to take Primrose. What can I do so they will quit hurting me. The doctor also said that he could not drain them.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 8 years ago.


What is your ultrasound and mammography report? How old are you?

Dr. Arun

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My mammo and ultrasound read that they were grape like clusters and the doctor told me not to worry about them. But keep on hurting.
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 8 years ago.


It seems that you have been diagnosed with fibrocystic disease of breast. Almost 40-50% of females have this in their lifetime, so is considered quite a common disease. Aspiration is a choice of method for these cysts and only those cysts which recur or are extremely painful are advised for the surgical excision. Hormones like danazol can be given to prevent the recurrence for these cysts. You can take a second opinion from another surgeon for the aspiration. Read about the treatment and other details in this resource;

Please feel free for your follow up questions.

Dr. Arun

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can Primrose help. So far it hasn't help me at all. I am taking motrin when I can't take the pain. I went to exercise and run on the treadmill and I was hurting real bad. I am on Estrace and have been for 4 yrs. could that cause these. I just need some help on what to do and what to tell my doctor. I can't go get a second opinion because my insurance states my GYN has to send me.
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 8 years ago.


Use of primrose, and vitamins is not substantiated. But restriction of the fat in the diet and decreased caffeine intake helps in pain. Read the resource;

A persistent pain warrants that Motrin should be taken thrice a day for around 7-10 days regularly. This continuous anti-inflammatory action sometimes give long term pain relief. Birth control pills and Tamoxifen are the other treatment prescribed in significant pain.

It is pleasure assisting you.

Dr. Arun