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Dr Heal
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How do i get rid of Xtremely BADDDDDD toe jams?! i washed my

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how do i get rid of Xtremely BADDDDDD toe jams?! i washed my shoes, i scrubbed my feet using a bar of soap and japanese scrub cloth. i'm on my feet at work all day and require shoes (i wear oasics, walking shoes). if i wear socks my feet get blisters. if i don't, they smell for days and my family is pissed at me for stinking up the car and house.

Dear 10toejams,

The best way of getting rid of toe-jams is through a simple way of ensuring that you see that no much sweating occurs inbetween. Socks if causing blisters then you should wear Cotton socks rather than synthetic one's. For a week everyday after coming back from work heat a spoon of coconut oil and add a little Turmeric powder in to it. apply this inbetween toes. Leave for about half an hour and then give a hotwater dip using a bucket of water added with four spoons of table salt. later after about 15 minutes pat the area dry using a turkey towel and inbetween toes. Use a soft soap to wash the area and dry the area again. This may look a little difficult to practice but a week of it will bring a lot of changes for good.

with best regards,


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