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Is it normal to have a one day period?

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I just had a one day period- this is not normal for me. I typcially have 3-4 day period cycles. I've been off of birth control for over a year and have been extremely regular the whole time. My husband is a physician and said it's nothing to worry about, but I am worried because this is so odd for me. Any insight on what could cause this?

What color was the bleeding and how heavy was it? Was it smelly at all- fishy or like yeast? Do you have any other symptoms?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I had spotting for about 3 hours on Monday (it was browish with a little red). Then on Tuesday it looked completely normal for me (red). Neither day had any scent. I've been experiencing headaches for the past few days, but I think this is because I've dramatically cut back on caffeine.

If you are sexually active, pregnancy could be possible. I would make an appointment in two weeks time to have some blood drawn for a blood pregnancy test as this is most accurate. Other causes would include stress, thyroid or hormonal imbalance, infection, polyps, cysts, just to name a few. Along with the blood pregnancy test, I would have your hormone levels checked and possibly a pelvic exam with a pap if you haven't had one recently.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am very please with your feedback. I was thinking that I could be pregnant, and my husband said that this can cause a "false pregnancy" where even your period cycle is altered. Could this also be the case?

Irregular periods can be due to any of the causes I mentioned above, including pregnancy. It is normal to experience implantation bleeding, which is nothing like a period, and this is probably what you experienced. Some women also do have spotting and light bleeding during pregnancy, which is normal for them.
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