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Alan Gibstein, M.D.
Alan Gibstein, M.D., OB/GYN (Doctor)
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Can you get a regular wart on the inside of your butt cheek...

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Can you get a regular wart on the inside of your butt cheek... about 1 inch away from vulva / 1 1/2 inches from anus? I have a single bump that has been there for 4/5 weeks that hasn't gone away... there are no other ones anywhere near it. Only like 2mm in diameter & raised 1mm. It is the same color as my skin, round, and smooth. Looks like a skin-colored mole & doesn't really resemble pictures of warts I have seen online. Sort of looks like a picture of molluscum contagiosum (but no dimple in the middle & it is skin colored usually.. sometimes a little red if my pants rubbed it a little). Haven't been sexually active in 10 months. When it first appeared it was able to be popped and had a white-ish plasticy kind of stuff but it hasn't done that since. I thought it was just a bump from shaving initially and didn't worry about it but since it has been so long I'm not sure! Also, if it is a wart - is it likely that it is genital warts? I've never had warts & know that none of the people I have slept with had genital warts. I did date a guy who had a common wart on his hand but that has been over 13 months ago. Is it possible that it is a mole developing? Does that happen? I am 21 years old - I know it is more likely they develop when you're younger but I don't know the progression of how moles look as they develop.
Dear needmed; This does sound like HPV wart rather than molluscum which,correctly, is usually umbillicated. So let me explain. The HPV virus coats the earth and we all probably have been in contact with it in our lifetime. Some people have natural resistance and reject it outright.Others may become carriers but never allow the virus to actually infect them.But carriers can be life long and transmit it to susceptible persons or eventually lose their resistance and get infected themselves. On skin areas that are generally thick and dry,a wart(s) may appear at any time.In other thinner or moist skin areas the warts may be flatter and multiple (genital warts). Most warts are harmless and will be gone spontaneously at some future time. Or you can choose to be treated locally. You need to be seen for confirmation and to get a Pap to eliminate the concern about HPV in the cervix. If it is molluscum,the treatment is curettage of the central core. Good luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So, my understanding is that HPV causes ALL types of warts.. is it then possible to have the HPV type that causes common warts that presents itself in that spot? or is it more likely that it is one of the HPV types that causes genital warts?

To be sure though I understand I need to go get a Pap test to find out what kind specifically it is.

If it is just a common wart - once it has cleared up... is there just as much risk of passing it to a sexual partner in the future? I know the risk is high if you have genital warts, even if they are cleared up at the time. It is just not in a place that any kind of condom, etc can keep that area covered after it has gone away.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Also, do genital warts usually present as just one wart?
You ask good questions. Warts can be single rather than multiple. Don`t be shocked if others appear.There are over 100 types of HPV,most are very low risk and the warts they cause usually disapear 85% of the time with no treament at all. Some,less common types can cause problems in the genital area. If your Pap is negative,don`t worry at all about types.It is much less likely that you could transmit the virus from the buttock area than the genital area, but if this is HPV,remember you got it there somehow. I certainly wouldn`t get too upset from one lesion on the buttock. The other reason for the visit is to complete all STD testing. Stay well.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your advice & help!