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I have a discharge of mucus with brown/gray stuff that last

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I have a discharge of mucus with brown/gray stuff that last one day to 3 before I start my period. I now have it during ovulation. What would my problem be.

Brown or gray discharge is an indication of minute bits of blood in the discharge.

Having a brownish discharge a few days before the period means that the progesterone level in your blood decreases a few days earlier than it normally should. This is quite normal in women in the premenopause or menopausal years. At 48 years, it is not a cause for concern.

Brownish discharge around the time of the ovulation is also due to the presence of blood in the discharge. it generally occurs due to withdrawal bleeding. In a normal menstrual cycle, the level of estrogen decreases and the level of progesterone starts to rise at this time. but in women who do not ovulate regularly, there may be a delay in the rise of progesterone levels in the blood. This can cause some amount of the endometrium to slough off causing the bleeding.

At your age, you need to get an ultrasound to check for the thickness of the endometrium as well as blood tests to check for the level of FSH, LH, and estrogen in your blood. If these are normal, then you have no need for concern.

You can read about causes of scanty periods here

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